3 Ways to Expand Your Communication Strategy


Communication is the cornerstone to any effective social strategy. As a Community Manager, creating a communication strategy that empowers you to discover, engage and nurture effectively is key to kickstarting the growth of your brand’s community.

Download the latest Community Management Tip, “3 Ways to Expand Your  Communication Strategy” and to learn how you can better discover, engage and nurture relationships within your communities and, in turn, reach new audiences.

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1. Discover New Audiences

Before you can effectively activate your community, you will need to build it up. Discovering new audiences and growing community can be both a rewarding and difficult task. In the ever growing landscape of the internet, it’s important to develop a communication strategy that enables you to easily discover new audiences. Topics explored include:

  • Online Chats and Hangouts
  • Geo-target Audiences
  • Create Valuable Content

2. Keep Your Community Engaged

Building a community is one thing, but keeping them engaged and passionate about your brand over time can be challenging. Whether your community is comprised of 10 people or 10 million people, how you monitor and engage is crucial. Learn how to:

  • Monitor Intelligently
  • Language Specific Search
  • Encourage Contribution

3. Nurture Key Relationships

After you have discovered and engaged with your community, it is vital to sustain their interest and attention. The nurturing element of a communication strategy taps into how, as a Community Manager, you are going to go from entertaining your audience, to inspiring and convincing them to consider your company’s offering. Understand how to:

  • Personalize Social Messaging
  • Share Curated Content
  • Give Swag Love

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