Back from the HootTour ~ News Roundup

CN Tower in Toronto on HootTour

The HootSuite crew was on the road for the past couple weeks in support of our beloved media dashboard. Stops included the 140 Twitter Conference in Seattle, SXSWi in Austin, and Sprout Up in Toronto.

Along the way, we made lots of new friends, shared plenty of interesting conversations, and listened to great feedback from enthusiastic users. Thanks to all who helped us along our journey and made us feel welcome in their cities.

While on the road, we kept an eye on what folks were saying and several articles caught our eye. Settle in and take a look at a sample (for more HootSuite coverage, follow the social bookmark stream):

Mashable Breaks the News

First up, in Seattle Mashable’s Ben Parr wrote HootSuite to Integrate with Foursquare and Myspace and posted the breaking news live from the conference floor:

Today at the #140tc Twitter Conference in Seattle, Washington (which I keynoted this morning), HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes announced that its popular Twitter application will be integrating with both MySpace and Foursquare, starting this week at the South by Southwest Interactive conference.

While Mr. Holmes didn’t divulge many details about the MySpace and Foursquare integrations, we can make some educated guesses as to how they will work. MySpace integration will most likely look the same as it does in Tweedeck: You’ll gain access to your MySpace feed and gain the ability to update your MySpace status.

Wow 1386 Retweets (so far)! Speaking of Mashable, here’s HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes and Mashable Founder Pete Cashmore later at SXSW.

Pete Cashmore of Mashable and Ryan Holmes of HootSuite at SXSW - photo by John Biehler
Pete Cashmore of Mashable and Ryan Holmes of HootSuite at SXSW – photo by John Biehler

Sprout Up Storytime

Next up, thanks to Erin Bury from Sprouter who wrote: Ryan Holmes’ journey from pizza and paintball to web entrepreneur recapping Ryan’s presentation at Sprout Up:

Ryan Holmes hasn’t always been a web entrepreneur. The founder of popular Twitter client and social media dashboard Hootsuite may be a web guy now, but he started out with something very offline: paintball. He started a paintball company, which is still thriving and is run by his brother today. He then moved on to another offline business, pizza, when he opened and owned a restaurant.

He finally moved into the web space when he founded full-service interactive agency Invoke in 2005. The agency focuses on building brand advocacy through social media tools – one of those tools that the team developed is Hootsuite, which launched in 2008 and just announced the finalization of $1.9 million in venture funding.

Great recap of Ryan’s talk and thanks for taking care of us in Toronto! Oh and there’s a video of a bit of Ryan’s talk in T.O.

Hoot <3

Aaron from PNC shares a video Hootsuite: I Love You (btw, HootSuite <3s you too):

Hootsuite is more than a twitter client.  In the video below, I’ll go over why I love Hootsuite so much and how I leverage it to not only update all my statuses on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, but to also keep track of click throughs and trends.

Great info! Be sure to check out his video:

Checked in, Rocked out

The Foursquare and MySpace release garnered a load of coverage including Cheryl Phillips writing for The Examiner who shared HootSuite at SXSW: Foursqure, Myspace help you check in and rock out:

SXSW is here. If you’re not a HootSuite fan, you may want to become one if you’re attending the interactive media, film, and music conference in Austin, TX March 12 – 21, 2010.The creative geniuses at HootSuite have added FourSquare and MySpace to the dashboard just in time for SXSW. HootSuite is a popular application that help manage multiple social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and

Thanks  for spreading the word Cheryl! To prove we were at SXSW, here’s a photo of some of the HootSuite tribe @ SXSW. Yup, sunny days require cool hats and shades ;-).

HootSuite tribe in Austin – @d1337 @daveohoots @quikness – photo by @kk

Slideshow Time

Thanks to PRowl for a mention in SlideShare and HootSuite featuring real-world scenarios:

One great thing I like about this site is the endless topics of slideshows. Take this great slideshow for example, which is a tutorial on managing multiple twitter profiles on Hootsuite. Last week in our PRowl meeting, we talked about managing social media and sites we enjoyed using. Hootsuite was a site some of our members used (I personally use it too), which allows scheduled tweets, as well as organizing multiple social media accounts (like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) all so they are easily and simultaneously accessible.

Thanks PRowl! Also, be sure to check out Matthew Tommasi‘s HootSuite slideshow.

Do you need another Reason?

Top One Report wrote: Why Should You Use HootSuite:

Social media can be a huge waste of time if done incorrectly. Tweeting, staying abreast of others’ tweets, it can suck away a lot of your valuable time. So what do you do? How do you make sure your Twittering doesn’t take over your whole business or non-profit?

Now there is HootSuite. “The Professional Twitter Client,” HootSuite has many pros that will help you keep the amount of time you spend on social media under control.

Visit the post to get the reasons and some great tips. BTW, we’ll be sharing more Twitter tips for business at the F5 Expo on April 7th in Vancouver – more info to follow.

Enough Hoots for Today

That’s a wrap for now. Keep the blogs and Twitters coming plus keep an eye out for an interview with CEO Ryan Holmes in Techvibes Toronto by @karimkanji. Here’s one more pic for the road – this one from the HootSuite breakfast in Toronto with a remarkable group of folks sharing ideas and conversations over bacon and coffee.

HootSuite breakfast by LexnGer on Flickr