New Facebook Brand Pages Best Practices ~ New HootGuide

HootGuide IconWhen building a social strategy, using Facebook effectively can be critical. Engaging in social media best practices also helps maximize the return on your social media investments. At HootSuite we offer both; our Facebook Brand Pages best practices as well as tips on how to monitor your social engagement.

Our free HootGuide – New Facebook Brand Pages Best Practices is the third in a series of HootGuides to be released by HootSuite. Through this series, you will learn the ins and outs of the dashboard’s features, helping you achieve and maintain social media success.

What’s Inside

HootGuide Brand Pages MiniThe ability to effectively apply your social media strategy is paramount for any organization. HootSuite Enterprise is dedicated to providing concrete social management solutions for business.

Our Facebook Analytics and New Facebook Brand Pages Best Practices are valuable resources for any social business.

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This HootGuide includes the following Facebook Timeline best practices:

Customizing your Cover Photo
Engage your audience by choosing a unique photo that represents your organization’s identity

Managing your Pinned Posts
Focus your message by pinning posts and presenting topical and timely content

How to Highlight a Post
Take the opportunity to engage with your community and draw attention to a special event on your facebook page.

Managing Milestones
Tell your organization’s story by creating Milestones on your Facebook page.

An Overview of Facebook Analytics with HootSuite
Find out the ROI on your Facebook campaign by using Facebook Analytics in HootSuite

Insights Into Success

Stay tuned for our next HootGuide on social media security, coming soon.

Interested in learning more? Stay tuned for our upcoming HootSuite University Lecture Series on Five Best Practices for New Facebook Pages, available Wednesday, April 4th.

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