iPhone Reviews, Updates and Punditry ~ News Round-Up

As usual, we watched the news and commentary around the recent barrage of HootSuite iPhone releases and indeed there was plenty of conversation about social media tools for iPhones recently. No doubt people are passionate their phones and protective of their fave apps.

As outlined in many of the posts about new version, HootSuite iPhone is charting a unique course with tools like translation, localization, and click stats — plus multiple networks (Twitter and Facebook at this time) — to differentiate this mobile Owl from the rest of the flock.

Here’s a round-up of some of the posts which caught our eye. Certainly there are plenty more out there so consider following HootSuite’s social bookmarks to get the full firehose of news, and/or leave your recommended links in the comments for others to enjoy.

Mashable – Hootsuite Adds Facebook Support and Geolocation to iPhone App

Jennifer Van Grove writes: Now that Tweetie 2 is set to become the free and official Twitter app for iPhone, iPhone app makers have been forced to step up their game. HootSuite — maker of business-friendly Twitter apps — is doing just that, adding language translation, Facebook integration and geolocation support to its iPhone apps.


Perhaps most significant is the addition of instant translation for more than 50 languages, which should significantly help marketers understand foreign language tweets, replies and direct messages.

When it comes to Facebook, users will able to send and receive updates from that network as well. HootSuite integration supports updates to Pages and profiles as well as the ability to view updates from friends and likers.

Cult of Mac – HootSuite’s iPhone App Souped-Up With A Translator, Bump-To-Follow, More

Eli Milchman writes: When HootSuite’s iPhone app landed late last year, it had already set itself apart with a unique stat-tracking feature.

Now, it’s leapt even further away from the pack with a slew of new tricks, including the ability to translatetweets from 50 different languages and a supercool feature that lets users bump the iPhone of users they’d like to follow. The developers have also upgraded HootSuite’s Facebook integration, given it geolocation functionality and generally tweaked the hell out of it.

Blog Herald – HootSuite Laughs At Tweetageddon, Adds Facebook And Translation Support

Darnell Clayton writes: After briefly disappearing from the iPhone app store, HootSuite has re-emerged with a meaner, leaner iPhone app that may help them survive tweetageddon when Twitter relaunches Tweetie as their official app.


Another cool feature about the app was the ability to follow someone by merely “bumping” your iPhone next to theirs, (which is much more convenient than searching for their username), although this does require your iFriend to be running the HootSuite app as well.

Last but not least I am finding the translation tool very useful, especially when one is reading the latest rants of a certain Venezuelan President.

The app is impressive feature wise, although it seems to be geared more towards power users than those unfamiliar with Twitter (as the user interface is not as intuitive as Tweetie or Twittelator).

Overall I am enjoying HootSuite a lot more than when they first launched upon the app store, and hopefully they continue adding more social networks to the app (as not everyone enjoys updating their life on Twitter or Facebook).

Start-up Meme – HootSuite Isn’t Giving Up On iPhone: Integrates Translations, Geolocation And Facebook To The App

Sardar Mohkim Khan writes: If one wins the game the others find it harder and the best option they have is to give multiple things to gain some traction. Lets get real and talk sense. We all know that Tweetie 2 is gaining grounds to be fairly called the default choice for the iPhone’s Twitter client and competition is finding it hard to grab shares. There are always ways and HootSuite has one.


What HootSuite is doing is something anyone else would do to raise share amongst competition. You know it when the ground is already taken by one, the only better way to compete is to offer multiple features that users find more convenient to use. Lets see how this one plays along for HootSuite.

Techvibes – HootSuite updates their popular iPhone app

Karim Kanji writes: Techvibes’ favourite social media tool, HootSuite has recently added a plethora of updates to their popular iPhone application.


Not using HootSuite yet?  Shame on you.

Mobiletor.com – HootSuite for iPhone gets updated with Translation, Facebook & Geo-location

A mergence of instant language translation, social networking site, and geo-location may put squeeze on one to utter ‘yes’. HootSuite has just added more tools to the iPhone version of the highly appreciated social media dashboard including language translation, geo-location, and Facebook integration. The new update also comes with several key interface enhancements.

With Facebook support, social bugs can update their status, track their friends’ news updates, and schedule their messages for future publishing. Equipped with translate-ability, HootSuite snoozes in as a great choice for monitoring relevant topics and brand mentions from global friends and customers. Users can compose in their native language and translate on the go.

iLounge – HootSuite update adds Facebook, geolocation

HootSuite has released an update to its popular iPhone Twitter client, adding support for posting updates to Facebook and including geolocation information to Twitter posts.

IntoMobile – HootSuite for iPhone Updated with Translations, Facebook

Simon Sage writes: HootSuite’s Twitter client for iPhone has been updated with a few powerful new features, like automated language translation, bumping iPhones to follow one another, and geotagging tweets. HootSuite also plays nice with Facebook now, just like their web app, enabling users to send updates to page fans and profile friends.

Geotagging support is excellent, but a bit of a no-brainer. I’m curious to see the real use cases for translations; HootSuite pegs itself as a twitter client for pros, so maybe companies dealing with a lot of international customers would find the feature handy. There have been a few usability improvements as well, including landscape keyboard, reply to all, Bump to follow people on Twitter, and general interface enhancements.