NeedTagger: A Customer Search Engine For Your Twitter Strategy

NeedTagger logo If you’re in the business of selling something, you might want to try out NeedTagger. It’s integrated with HootSuite, takes 5 minutes to set up and is free to sign up.

Launched in early 2012, the Florida-based company was born from the ambitious goal of bringing merchants and customers together by using social media in a revolutionary new way. Enlisting the help of a unique technology to comb the internet, NeedTagger aims to help businesses zero in on tightly defined target markets based on the most important factor: customer voices. Armed with the right information, merchants can then reach out and target potential clients in ways that were never possible before.

How does it work? Watch this video:

“We connect you with people who are talking about your business–whatever industry you’re in,” explains NeedTagger CEO Vernon Niven. “The service mines Twitter for people who are talking about and need your stuff. And it’s really that simple. NeedTagger is the only tool of its kind that is free (via HootSuite) and real-time.”

Vernon Niven, NeedTagger CEO
NeedTagger CEO Vernon Niven

Niven also attests to very high engagement rates for his clients: “Click-through rates (CTR) on messages sent from NeedTagger can reach up to 80%. In contrast, the average engagement rate for a shared link or a sponsored message on Twitter is typically less than 1%,” he shares.

Whatever industry you are in, NeedTagger can lead you to people on Twitter who most need and talk about your specific type of offering.

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