Image by Dan Cook via Flickr

Scaling Social Media: A Toolkit to Building a Social Center of Excellence

Your company has embraced social media as an effective way to engage your audience, and has the full support of the leadership group. Teams across the organization are working on the same social strategy and are actively tweeting, posting, and communicating on your company’s behalf.

But with this forward momentum, the organization is constantly challenged with reassessing the strategy and ensuring everyone is working in a cohesive way.

We’ve created the Scaling Social Media: A Toolkit to Implementing a Social Center of Excellence with free resources to help organizations determine the appropriate model for scaling social and tactical steps to effectively setting up a Center of Excellence. The toolkit includes:

  • White paper “Putting Social to Work for Your Business: Organizational Models for Scaling Social” lays out the background and benefits of organizational models for managing enterprise-wide social engagement. Learn which one makes the most sense for your organization.
  • On-demand webinar “Scaling Social: Establishing Your Center of Excellence” discusses how to set up a social Center of Excellence, or a hub of social media expertise, education, and strategy, that helps organize social media use across the business, helping it reach a higher level of social maturity.
  • Guide “Scaling Social Media: A Guide to Implementing a Social Center of Excellence”provides practical, easy-to-follow steps for creating a social Center of Excellence so you aren’t left to figure it out on your own. Get advice on implementing policy, tactics, and best practices to ensure your social media efforts are getting traction.

This toolkit also gives valuable tips on why simply hiring more people isn’t necessarily the solution. Don’t get frustrated with resource or skills shortages; instead, learn how to support your current employees and set them up for success.