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Marketing funnel

A marketing funnel is a model that represents the process of converting new audiences into loyal customers. The funnel illustrates the various stages of the customer journey, starting with initial awareness and ending with a purchase decision.

The marketing funnel can be divided into three main stages.

  1. TOFU (Top of Funnel): This stage focuses on attracting a broad audience to your brand or product. It includes:
    • Awareness: Potential customers are introduced to your brand through channels like advertising, social media, and content marketing.
    • Interest: Potential customers actively seek more information about your brand. They engage with your content, sign up for newsletters, or follow your social media accounts.
  2. MOFU (Middle of Funnel): This stage aims to nurture and engage potential customers who have shown interest. Middle of funnel stages includes:
    • Consideration: Potential customers evaluate and compare different options. They read reviews, seek recommendations, and compare features and pricing to make an informed decision.
    • Intent: Potential customers demonstrate a clear intent to make a purchase. They might add items to a shopping cart, request a quote, or initiate checkout.
  3. BOFU (Bottom of Funnel): This stage focuses on converting leads into customers and fostering loyalty. It includes:
    • Purchase: Potential customers become actual customers by making a purchase or completing a conversion action.
    • Loyalty/Advocacy: The relationship between the customer and the brand continues after the purchase. Satisfied customers may become loyal to the brand, repurchase products, and potentially become advocates who refer others to the brand.

The marketing funnel helps businesses understand and optimize their marketing strategies at each stage to attract, engage, and convert customers effectively.

By providing tailored content and experiences to customers at different stages, businesses can guide customers toward successful conversions and long-term loyalty.

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