This month, Facebook introduced a handful of new features to offer more “control and context” for the news feed.

First up: a tweak to how you share. Now, you can control your commenting audience for public posts by choosing from a menu of options. Limit commenting privileges to those who can see the post, those who have been tagged or other specific audiences. (More details here.)

Mobile phone with menu allowing you to choose who can comment on your Facebook updates

Source: Facebook

It’s also now easier than ever to sort and browse the news feed, thanks to the recently launched Favorites tool. 

Favorites allows you to control and prioritize posts from your preferred list of up to 30 friends and Pages. Your selection will be ranked higher in your feed, and also visible through a separate filter. Use Favorites frequently enough, and you’ll be able to access it from the new Feed Filter Bar menu — otherwise, you’ll find it in the Shortcuts menu.

3 mobile screens showing how you can select Facebook contacts for Favorites

(The Feed Filter Bar also allows users to sort by “most recent” as well, to switch from an algorithmically organized Feed to a chronological one.)