Launched as an invite-only beta in May, Facebook has recently opened up its collaborative music-making app, Collab, to U.S. users.

Facebook Collab app promo image

Source: Facebook

With Collab, users can create short music videos by combining two or three separate clips. Let the duets rain down! I call dibs on baritone!

Any video created is posted to the public feed, so other users can view and create their own collaborations. Collab’s automated in-app tool syncs everything up musically to avoid awkward lags or timing problems, ensuring you can make beautiful music together, even with perfect strangers.

External audio interfaces allow you to bring in music from keyboards, guitars and electric drum kits into recordings, too, if an all-acapella jam is not your thing for some reason (presumably medical?).

While the app isn’t integrated with Facebook at this point, your final songs can be exported to Instagram Stories and other platforms so everyone can (all together now, two, three, four) enjoOoooyYY yOuUurRrR SiiIiInnNngGGGiinnnGGgG1!!

Collab is available on iOS and is free to download.