This week, some Instagram users received notifications saying that creators they follow had launched a Bulletin publication, and were given an option to subscribe.

Bulletin publications aren’t actually new. Meta created Bulletin last June to act as a subscription-based newsletter type of platform similar to Substack. 

The platform was built for independent writers looking to monetize their content and grow their own audience, independent of a publication.

While it may be the first time Instagram users are being pushed to subscribe, creators with a Bullet publication typically have been publishing for a year now. 

Only select individuals have been given access so far to use the platform as part of Meta’s beta program. Meta says on its website that they are looking to include more international creators shortly. 

Creators can either choose to share free content or set their own subscriptions fees. All payment transactions must go through Facebook Pay.

Previously, Meta said they would not take a cut from Bulletin revenue until 2023. However, last week, Mark Zuckerberg posted that they would hold off on revenue sharing from Bulletins, as well as Badges and Subscriptions, until 2024.  

How much Meta might make from creators in the future, however, remains unclear. 

In the past, readers were able to find Bulletin articles and podcasts on individual creator publication pages, their Facebook Feed and within the News section of Facebook. It looks like Meta may start sharing Bulletin notifications on Instagram. 

Meta doesn’t appear to be the only platform experimenting with longer-form content. Earlier this week, Twitter announced it was using a small pool of users to test Notes, an option to post up to 2,500 words on the platform. Right now, Notes on Twitter aren’t monetized.