Twitter announced today that they’re launching Notes, a new feature that allows select users to publish longer content on the platform.

Right now, the feature is in the testing phase. As part of the test, a handful of writers have started sharing lengthier posts with their audiences. 

Note titles can go up to 100 words while the body of a Note is limited to 2,500 words – a stark difference from the current 280-character posting limit. Unlike regular posts, users are also able to make edits after it’s been published. 

These posts can be read on and off Twitter and are available to users in most countries. Twitter didn’t specify which countries don’t have access yet. 

Viewers with access will be able to see Note cards, which are Tweets with Note previews and links in their Home timeline. Users can also visit a writer’s profile to read their published Notes under the new Notes tab.

Notes will also have unique URLs that people can use regardless of whether they are logged into Twitter or have a Twitter account. 

Twitter says they plan to slowly expand the number of users who can access the feature, depending on what they learn from this testing phase. 

Don’t expect a feed full of long-form content anytime soon, however. Twitter says it’s not planning a full shift from short-form Tweets to long-form Notes. 

“The purpose of the tool we are testing is to provide an additional experience for writers on Twitter outside of Tweets,” the company says