Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced the launch of new Reels-focused features for both Instagram and Facebook this week.


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“Add Yours” sticker

Instagram and Facebook users will now be able to use the “Add Yours” sticker, previously only available for Stories, in their Reels.

The sticker allows Reels viewers to add their own video response to a prompt or theme given in the sticker.

“The Add Yours sticker has been on Stories for a while now, and it’s been doing quite well,” says Mosseri. “We want consuming video to be fun and entertaining, but we also want to inspire people to tell their own stories.”

Instagram Reels Add Yours sticker

Image via Meta

Each time someone creates a Reel in response to the Add Yours prompt, their content is added to a Reels page dedicated to that prompt.

The original creator is credited at the top of that page, which makes sense as part of Meta’s continued focus on creator reach and exposure.

Cross-posting Reels from Instagram to Facebook

Users can now cross-post Reels from Instagram to Facebook.

When you create a Reel on Instagram, a “Share your reels to Facebook to grow your audience” option will appear. You can choose to share all Reels automatically or turn the feature on or off for individual videos.

This is a fairly straightforward update, says Mosseri. “You can now post a Reel on Instagram and have it go to both apps to increase the number of people that you reach.”

Improved Facebook Reels insights

Facebook Reels users now have access to more detailed analytics, including reach, average watch time, and total view time.

The new insights, now available in Creator Studio, are designed to help creators identify how their Reels perform on Facebook.