On September 29th, Facebook announced the U.S. release of Reels on iOS and Android. Like on Instagram, Facebook Reels can include music, audio, and special effects, and people can comment and react to them like any other post. 

Set to public by default (for people over 18), Reels have the potential to reach a wider audience on the platform through discovery in the News Feed and groups. Facebook is also testing the option for creators and businesses to share their Reels from Instagram to Facebook. Advertisers will also soon be able to place full-screen ads between Facebook Reels. 

three phone screens showcasing Reels on the Facebook mobile app

Source: Facebook

In addition to the launch of Facebook Reels, the company announced plans to invest $1 billion in creators through Reels Summer bonuses into a Reels Play bonus, which will be available on both platforms. Creators can see the bonuses that are available to them in the Professional Dashboard.