Facebook launched its Stars program about six months ago to allow creators to monetize fan interactions during live streams. (More about Facebook Stars here.) 

View of Facebook Stars across 3 mobile phone screens: view of gamer girl live streaming, view of available stickers viewers can award the streamer, view of sticker being awarded

Source: Facebook

Some said, “Facebook, stop trying to make Stars happen.” Facebook didn’t listen and announced this month that it will be investing $7 million in the near future to encourage consumer education and adoption of Stars. 

Practically speaking, this means select users will see an offer to claim free Stars, which they can send to their favorite content creators. (It’s like a celestial tip!) Creators can then cash in those stars to increase their earnings. 

Along with pushing the use of Stars in general, Facebook is also announcing enhancements to the program. Star senders already receive badges to help them stand out in live chats; now, comments sent with Stars will also be pinned where others can see them. 

Additionally, Facebook has introduced virtual gifts for viewers to send to content creators. (Sounds familiar…

Stars will also be tested for video-on-demand in addition to Live.