In the wake of a major six-hour outage that affected all Facebook apps earlier in October, Instagram has released two new transparency tools to provide users with more information. In the United States, the company is testing in-app notifications that will alert users to ongoing outages or bugs. These notifications will appear in the Activity Feed.  

A second tool called Account Status will make it easier for users to review and appeal content violations. “We think it’s important that you have access to that information so that you can appeal, and so that you can know if you’re getting close to having your account suspended,” said Instagram head Adam Mosseri in a video posted online. 


To see Account Status, users can go to their Settings, Account, and then tap Account Status. “These are just two steps on a longer path to try and be more transparent, and there’s more to come,” said Mosseri. 

Instagram Account Status screen

Source: Instagram