Instagram continues to test the option to add multiple links to bios, according to reports released earlier this month.

The test is not yet in wide release, but users like fashion creator Allegra Shaw are already putting the additional link space to use.

Allegra Shaw's Instagram profile showing multiple links in an Instagram bio

For now, it looks like Instagram displays the top link as usual, but users can click into the additional links menu (indicated by a plus sign and number) to view the full list of links.

Allegra Shaw's Instagram profile showing the pop-up menu for multiple links in an Instagram bio

At this time, there’s no word on how many links users will be able to add.

The new feature has reportedly been in development for months; in fact, app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi spotted it in Instagram’s code back in October 2021.

Instagram isn’t known for being the most link-friendly platform (we’re still not able to add links to captions, after all). But the relatively recent introduction of link stickers in Stories and this new feature seem to indicate that the platform’s becoming more flexible when it comes to letting users navigate off-platform.

There’s no word on when or if the feature will roll out to all Instagram users. But if the ability to add multiple links in bio becomes a full-fledged feature, it could mean trouble for third-party tools like Linktree.