In celebration of Instagram’s 10th anniversary, the company released a number of features and pledged continued support for small businesses and creators.

A new map and calendar tool lets people browse old stories by date and location. People can also change their Instagram icon on their phones to the classic, retro, or another style, by accessing a secret option in settings. To update your icon, go to your profile and open the menu. Open settings and pull the page down until you see the confetti animation.

Instagram’s top executive, Adam Mosseri has also been outspoken about the company’s focus on commerce tools and monetization options. “We’re working on a number of new features to help creators make a living, expect more updates soon,” he hinted in one of his recent Friday Ask Me Anything sessions.

While nothing specific has been announced, he’s hinted that more audience insights may soon be available to business and creator accounts. “Right now the primary type of value we can help with is people reach their audience,” he said in an Instagram Live interview with Canadian social media personality Lilly Singh. The company’s vision is to provide creators with multiple ways to make money on the platform over the next five years.

Mosseri also spoke about plans to make it easier for businesses to sell on Instagram. “You’ll see a lot of focus on that over the next couple of years,” he told Singh. “I think you’re going to see progress, but it’s going to be slower than people might want—just to set expectations a little bit.