Instagram’s Threads app has been out for just under a month, and the platform is already releasing new features in response to user feedback.

Just last week, Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced several new updates, including a much-requested Following tab, which allows you to limit your feed to chronological posts from people you follow.

Image via @mosseri on Threads

This new feature will be available on iOS and Android but hasn’t yet been rolled out to all users.

(Wondering if you have it? Just tap the home icon or Threads logo at the top of your feed. The For you and Following tabs will appear, and you can switch to your feed of choice.)

Other new updates include post translations and functionality tweaks that make it easier to filter notifications, follow your followers back, and approve new followers.

Mosseri has also said several other Threads features are “on the list,” including desktop mode, text search, and hashtags (eventually).