LinkedIn has a new feature: the ability to add clickable links to posts.

Taking a page out of Instagram’s sticker book, LinkedIn has released the new clickable link feature to help the platform’s users drive engagement and generate traffic to websites, resources, job listings and more.

Link sticker in LinkedIn post

LinkedIn users can now add clickable links to images and videos in LinkedIn posts. The links can be added anywhere in the frame. One tap will display the full URL that has been linked, and another tap will open the link.

Display text and link size are customizable, but at this time, the colors of the clickable link are not. 

Clickable link ‘stickers’ provide an engaging and effective way to easily move people from LinkedIn to another website or a specific LinkedIn page — without any extra clicking, swiping, or scrolling

This update is rolling out globally, beginning in August 2022. As far as adding links to post goes, the new feature will first appear on LinkedIn’s mobile app before being added to the desktop version. All users on desktop and mobile will be able to interact with the clickable links immediately.