TikTok has updated its community guidelines to provide better safety and security measures for its users, the platform announced in a news release

Following in the footsteps of Instagram, TikTok is making public efforts to create a healthier environment for teens and youth.

Over the next few weeks, TikTok plans to:

  • Revise their dangerous acts and challenges policy to prevent harmful content such as suicide hoaxes. They’ll be launching new videos from creators that ask community members to “stop, think, decide and act” when creating content.
  • Remove content that promotes disordered eating and look out for symptoms such as overexercise or short-term fasting.
  • Update community guidelines to provide clarity on the types of hate ideologies that are prohibited on the platform.
  • Prohibit unauthorized access to TikTok, in addition to TikTok content, accounts, systems or data.

TikTok will also educate community members on how to identify and report suspicious activities. The platform says it is opening cyber monitoring and investigative response centers in a few locations worldwide.