TikTok recently shared an update that users will now be able to post videos up to 10 minutes long.

That’s a big leap since TikTok’s move in July to increase videos from 60 seconds to three minutes in length. 

At that time, TikTok’s product manager Drew Kirchhoff said that while creators were skilled in tying multi-part stories together, they often shared that they desired more time to show cooking demos, beauty tutorials, educational lessons and the like on the platform. 

The introduction of longer videos may be an attempt to better compete with platforms like Instagram and YouTube that have embraced long-form content. It might also bring about new, in-stream advertising placements, helping brands and creators monetize their presence on the platform.

Lately, Instagram has been vocal about their pivot to focus more on video content. In 2021, Instagram video replaced IGTV, allowing users to upload content up to 60 minutes long to their feeds. 

On YouTube, by default, users can upload videos up to 15 minutes long and verified accounts can upload videos up to 12 hours or a file size of 256 GB, whichever is less.

According to Hootsuite’s social trends 2022 report, 70% of marketers considered Instagram the most effective platform for reaching their business goals in 2021, compared to 34% of marketers who said and 24% of marketers who said TikTok. However, aside from Snapchat, TikTok witnessed the greatest growth year-over-year, with its effectiveness skyrocketing by 700%. If that rapid growth continues, TikTok is likely to give those other platforms a run for their money.

It’s still unclear as to how TikTok will show longer-form content on its platform. TikTok was popularized by the rapid viewing nature of its For You Page, so it would be surprising to see 10-minute content incorporated into the regular video feed.