The tools in TikTok’s Creative Center are only getting better. The platform has just launched a Keyword Insights tool to help advertisers uncover top-performing keywords and phrases in TikTok ads.

Marketers can use the tool to explore “trending script keywords,” which may appear in voice-overs, text overlays, or ad captions.

tiktok's keyword insights tool search bar

Just enter a term in the search bar to start gathering information — you can narrow your search results by region, industry, ad objective, keyword type and timeframe.

The Keyword Insights tool allows you to view a keyword’s performance in your selected timeframe, including how often the word or phrase has been used and the average CTR of TikTok ads using it.

You can click the Details button on the far right of the search results to view specific videos using that keyword. The tool will even tell you how advertisers include the term, whether in the voice-over, ad text, or text overlay, and how successful those ads are.

detail view on tiktok's keyword insights tool search results

This new tool is a great way for TikTok advertisers to refine their ad copy and explore new theories before dropping any cash on a new campaign.

If you need help navigating the feature, head over to TikTok’s Business Help Center, but we recommend diving right in.