A securities filing made public on October 31st, 2022 confirmed that Elon Musk had dissolved Twitter’s entire board of directors as part of his takeover of the short-form social media platform.

Musk has appointed himself as the sole director of the platform, making his status as ‘Chief Twit” official (if he hadn’t deleted that moniker from his Twitter profile over the weekend).

Picture of Elon Musk's Twitter profile the day he took over Twitter. His headline stats Chief Twit.

With all of Twitter’s old executives gone and the company taken private, Musk has free reign to run the social media platform as he sees fit.

So make no mistake, Twitter is Elon Musk’s company now and he’s going to make some major changes.

What those changes remain to be seen, but Musk has stated his desire to turn Twitter into a bastion of free speech.

A few immediate changes are already underway. These include the un-banning of certain high-profile accounts (Ye/Kanye West but not Donald Trump).

Musk has stated that he hasn’t updated the platform’s moderation policies yet, however. He also announced that there will be a new “content moderation council”.

Twitter Blue is reportedly getting a significant overhaul. Elon has announced that the account verification process is being reworked. And rumors are still swirling regarding major layoffs at the company.

Now that he has full control of the little blue bird, these are likely just the first moves that Musk will make as he molds Twitter into the social media platform he’s always wanted it to be.

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