Following in the footsteps of TikTok’s Creator Portal and Instagram’s Creator Lab, Twitter has launched Twitter Create, a mini-site dedicated to helping creators monetize their accounts.

Formerly, the site was known as Twitter Media and provided product guides, case studies, and interviews with social media experts.

The site groups content by goals, such as monetization, engagement and relevance — the latter helping users learn how to be an influential voice on the platform. More goals are expected to come. 

Twitter Create also has expanded the industries it appeals to, and now has tailored information content beyond just for digital creators. Content now will also be speaking to podcasters and writers, and those working in the news, sports, gaming, film and tv, music and non-profit industries. 

Twitter is also using the hub to encourage the use of some of its newer features, like Twitter Spaces, Communities, Super Follows and Tweet Decks. The site also recommends certain products to boost accounts in the industries focused on.