Push Notification Beta Release ~ HootSuite for #iPhone and #iPad

By Andy Au | 4 years ago | 30 Comments

HootSuite Mobile Summer UpdatesHootSuite iPhone users rejoice! One of our most popular requests on the Feedback Channel is now available for the first 10,000 users to download: Push notifications are available in a private beta for HootSuite for iPhone and HootSuite for iPad (v2.4.0). We’re starting with the first 10,000 users who download the latest version of the iOS app, and will release to everyone in the near future.

What will push notifications mean for you? Depending on which HootSuite plan you have, you will be able to receive alerts on your iOS device for multiple Twitter accounts, including mentions, direct messages and more.

As HootSuite continues to optimize our suite of mobile apps, the addition of push notifications will serve as an important step in developing similar features for our Android and BlackBerry apps. Get the latest version of the iOS app, free of charge, in the App Store.

Be the Early Bird

To gain access to the beta, simply install or update to the latest version version of the iOS app at the App Store. If you’re one of the first 10,000 users to install v2.4.0, you will receive a confirmation message following the update.

Install Now ButtonDidn’t see a confirmation message? Don’t worry, you’ve been added to the beta’s waiting list. As more spots become available, your iPhone/iPad will automatically update with push notifications.

To edit the list of available notifications, access Settings, click on Notifications and select your account. From there, you will be able to toggle the list of notifications.

Push for All Owls
Apple Owly

Push Notifications for Free Users
Free users can access push notifications (mentions and direct messages) for up to 2 Twitter accounts per device.

Push Notifications for Pro and Enterprise Clients
In addition to mentions and direct messages, Pro and Enterprise clients can receive new follower, retweet, and favorited tweet notifications for up to 20 Twitter accounts per device.

Stay Connected

HootSuite Translations for MobileNot only do users get push notifications, the latest version of HootSuite for iPhone and iPad also includes Polish translations and an updated Portuguese translation of the app. Plus, we’ve added a few tweaks and extra touches.

Remember, you need to download the latest version of the app to take advantage of the new upgrades.

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Marcia 5pts

any thoughts about a mobile app for windows phone or would one of the others work?

Anthony Piwarun
Anthony Piwarun 5pts

I couldn't be more pumped about this - finally updated to the new iPhone 4s and had a chance to test out these new features. Definitely a step up - keep it up Hootsuite!

Gregg Williams
Gregg Williams 5pts

I love the push notification feature! It is very easy to use. Any timetable for your desktop version?

Colin Styles
Colin Styles 5pts

How do I add tumbler to the IOS version?

Daniel 5pts

I'm receiving an error message saying that my reply can not be posted when replying to tweets in my main timeline feed. Is this a known issue or something that needs to be looked into?

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

We hear ya Bob. Thanks for the feedback.

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

Thanks for your feedback Doug. We work diligently to create reliable and enjoyable social media tools.

Doug Lacombe
Doug Lacombe 5pts

Launching something that just generates errors as per the comments above is sloppy and silly. "Try again later" is kind of a cop out answer. If it's limited beta, say that in the UI and don't turn it on. Or half on. In fact, only expose things in the UI that work please. For everyone.

Bob Rodkin
Bob Rodkin 5pts

I had it installed. Turned on the notifications, and my Twitter accounts haven't been that quiet in months — not one notification in fact. Although the rest of the features, particularly, stream updates, became very erratic. So I deleted the Hootsuite app and re-download it, and re-installed Boxcar (which is what you had put me on to long ago)

Everything back to normal...no more beta versions for me thanks.

William Jackson
William Jackson 5pts

Any idea when this feature will be turned on for the public? I'm having to carry an Android phone around because the feature has always worked there.

Zoran 5pts

Tumblr!!! Good job HootSuite, this is a great app

Milwaukee SEO
Milwaukee SEO 5pts

Finally!!! Excited to check this out today...

FroogleLoops 5pts

add tumblr to the social networks and hootsuite will be complete for me.

Bob Colclough
Bob Colclough 5pts

Hi, Notifications seem ok on iPhone. But on iPad if I try to enable any notifications, I just get te message " There was an problem adding subscriptions". ( yes it dies say "an")

I'm on ver 2.4.0 - is there any way around this bug ?

Rob 5pts

I'm having a tough time getting my notifications to work on the new iPhone app. Whenever I try to turn them on, I get a prompt saying, "Error - there was a problem adding subscriptions." Is this a known issue, or am I doing something wrong. I get notifications from other apps no problem.

Lisa 5pts

When I try to set it up so I get notifications I get the message, There is a problem with these subscriptions (something to that effect). No explanation, nothing on help. What gives?

Kate 5pts

Yay, fantastic. I had requested push notifications as well. So glad you guys listened. This is gonna be useful!

Darcy McGee
Darcy McGee 5pts

Too little, too late.

Your mobile clients have fallen behind massively. On the desktop, you're OK.