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Twitter Announced GIF Support! Here are the Best Reaction Tweets So Far

By Andra Mircioiu | 5 months ago | No Comments

Image by Allen via flickr

In what may be its most consequential move ever, Twitter today announced GIF support on and Android/iOS apps (through a GIFful tweet, naturally!).

GIFs (pronounced like Jif, the peanut butter brand) are short animated graphics that can really punch-up sharable content. If a picture’s worth 1000 words, a GIF must be worth much more than 140 characters. WordPress, Tumblr, Instagram, LiveJournal and now Twitter all support GIFs, and the list is by no means complete.

The Twitterverse celebrated the news the obvious (best) way. Here’s a roundup of some of our favourite celebration tweets:

We’re predicting a new hashtag: #yourmovefacebook

Posting GIFs to Twitter? Enterprise and Pro users, be sure to switch settings to with these simple steps: pic.twitter.com2


Hi Hootsuite users,

I can't post any GIF via Hootsuite - the link remains an "' and don't actually become "pic.twitter", so the GIF hasn't any mouvement. Does anyone have a solution? Or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help.



This is such great news!  I think gifs are absolutely hilarious and this is going to take twitter to a whole new level!  With the World Cup going on, I bet we're going to get a lot of hilarious reaction gifs, and sweet goal gifs.  I think this is really a good thing to happen to twitter.  


The pronunciation of GIF is not a settled matter.

And furthermore you are wrong.


@Danoublog Hi! It's a little bit sneaky, once you post it the link will convert to It remains in the composer box so you can cross-post with other social networks! - Ada