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How to Find, Use, and Create Instagram Reel Templates

Instagram Reels templates eliminate some of the most time-consuming steps of creating Reels: selecting music and editing clips.

Hannah Macready November 21, 2023
Instagram Reels Templates: Create Better Content, Faster | Hootsuite

With the ever-growing popularity of Instagram Reels, many content creators are looking for ways to save time and get more videos into the algorithm. One way to do this is by using Instagram Reel templates.

Quick, creative, and customizable Instagram Reel templates are a great tool to help you create eye-catching short-form video content on Instagram without having to start from scratch.

This guide teaches you how to find, use, and create Instagram Reels templates for your videos.

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What is an Instagram Reel template?

An Instagram Reel template is essentially a pre-made video layout that can be easily edited and customized with your own content. These templates typically come with pre-set music and clip durations from existing Reels, making creating content that matches popular trends and music easier.

The beauty of Instagram Reels templates is that they eliminate some of the most time-consuming steps of creating Reels: selecting music and editing clips to match it. This means you can spend less time editing and start jumping in on trends earlier. Essentially, using templates a huge time-saving hack for content creation

For a quick primer on how to use Reels templates, watch this video:

How to find Instagram Reels templates

Wondering how to find Reel templates on Instagram? There are two main ways to do this.

Option 1: Browse the template library

To start, open your Instagram app and navigate to the Reels tab. You can do this by clicking the Reels icon on the bottom right of your screen.

screenshot of instagram home feed showing an arrow pointing to the explore icon in the bottom right

Next, tap the camera icon button at the top right of your screen. This will open up a new camera window.

arrow pointing to camera button in top right of instagram explore page

At the bottom right of the screen, you’ll see a Templates option. Click Templates to open up the Instagram Reel templates.

arrow pointing to templates option in instagram reels creator

Now, browse through recommended and trending templates from popular Reels. If you’ve ever saved an IG Reel template in the past, you’ll also see a section for Saved templates. Choose the template you’d like to use by clicking it.

Pro tip: As you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed, if you come across a template that you like, save the Reel so that you can use it later as a template.

various instagram reels templates shown in template explore page

Option 2: Find a template in the Reels tab

Another option for finding Instagram Reels templates is through individual Reels in the Reels tab. Here’s how.

When scrolling through Instagram Reels in the explore tab, look for the Use template button that hovers above a creator’s Instagram handle.

arrow pointing to use template button shown just above creators instagram handle in a reel

Not every Reel has a Use template button, but once you find it, simply click it and the Reels template editor will appear. It’s that easy!

reels template editor pre populated with existing reel

How to use Instagram Reels templates

Now that you have found a Reel template you’d like to use, let’s walk through how to customize and add your own content.

Step 1: Choose a template

First, select the Instagram Reels template by tapping on it. This will open a new screen where you can replace the clips in the template with your own.

instagram reels template shown in reels editor with options to add your own clips

Step 2: Add your own clips

Begin adding photos or videos from your camera roll to the template. Once you have all your clips uploaded, click Next.

clips of dogs added to instagram reels template with arrow pointing to next button in bottom right corner

Step 3: Edit and customize your template

From here, you can choose to upload the Reel as is, or edit it further by adding media (clips, text, stickers), adjusting the music, or any of the other features available in the Reels editor.

still video of dog rolling on floor shown in instagram reels template

Step 4: Share your Reel

Once you tap Next, you’ll have the usual options before publishing a Reel: adding a cover, caption, location, tags, and other settings.

Once you are satisfied with your Reel, click on the blue arrow and then tap Share to publish your Reel on Instagram.

arrow pointing to share button in bottom right of instagram reels editor

How to create your own Instagram Reels template

If you can’t find a Reel template that fits your vision, don’t worry! You can easily create your own Instagram Reels templates to use again and again.

To create an Instagram Reels template:

  1. Begin creating a Reel by clicking the camera button at the bottom right of your screen.
  2. Add your clips and music to your Reel by selecting them from your camera roll or using the in-app music features.
  3. Add any effects you’d like to your template. Note: not all effects can be used in a template, so make sure to double-check before finalizing.
  4. Once you are satisfied with your Reel and have at least 3 clips, tap Next.
  5. Tap on Share and then select Save as Draft.

To qualify as an Instagram Reels template, your Reel must:

  • Have at least 3 clips
  • Have an average of 5 seconds or less per clip
  • Include music

As well, only Reels templates made from public profiles will be available for others to use. If your profile is private, only your followers will have access to your template.

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Pro tip: Optimizing the size of your Instagram Reel templates, covers, thumbnails, and more can make a big difference in the overall look of your profile. Use this Instagram reels size guide to make sure your template looks flawless.

Free Instagram Reel templates

Templates make the process of editing Reels a lot easier. Here’s a bonus from our team that will give you a jumpstart: fully customizable Reel templates will help you stand out in busy feeds.

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Why use Instagram Reels templates?

Instagram Reels templates save you time and make your videos look more professional. Here are some of the top reasons why creators use Instagram Reel templates:

  • Time savings: Reel templates eliminate the need to spend hours adjusting clip lengths and transitions, freeing up more time for creating content or recording more Reels.
  • Increased visibility: When you create a template, your username is shown on every Reel created with your template, giving you more exposure to potential followers and viewers.
  • Higher quality content: With templates, you don’t have to worry about timing mistakes or editing blunders. You can achieve the precision and professionalism of a video-editing pro without needing to be one!
  • Customizable details: Templates allow you to personalize and make them your own. For example, if a template has overlay text, you can edit it and make it fit your niche.
  • Featured by Instagram: Instagram is constantly adding new templates to its collections. If one of your templates gets featured, you could potentially gain thousands of additional views on your Reel.

Pro tip: Looking to measure the impact of using Instagram Reel templates on my content’s performance? Instagram Reel insights allow you to track metrics such as reach, engagement, and views for your Reels, so you can see how using templates has affected your numbers. You can also use Hootsuite Analytics to measure the performance of your Reels alongside all your other social content.

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Frequently asked questions about Instagram Reels templates

Should you use Instagram Reel templates?

Using Reel templates for Instagram can be an incredibly effective way to save time and create professional-looking Reels that match current trends. Reels templates can also help boost your existing content’s visibility, as your username is shown on every Reel created with your template.

In a newsletter, content marketer Taylor Loren reported that adding an Instagram Reel template increased a video’s views by 10,000! With those kind of results, it’s definitely worth giving Reels templates a try.

How do I find templates for Reels on Instagram?

To find Reels templates on Instagram, you can either browse the template library in the Reels tab or look for the “Use Template” button when scrolling through Reels in the Explore tab.

Can I create my own Instagram Reel template?

Yes! You can easily create your own Instagram Reel template by creating a Reel with at least 3 clips and saving it as a draft. Make sure to include music and keep the clip durations under 5 seconds on average.

Are Instagram reel templates only available for public profiles?

Yes, currently only Reels templates from public profiles are available for others to use. Private profiles will only have their template accessible to followers.

Why do some Reels not have the “Use template” option?

A Reel must have music and at least three clips edited together within the Instagram app to be used as a template.

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