Users can now schedule both Facebook and Instagram Reels through Meta’s Creator Studio app, the platform announced today.

Previously, Creator Studio only allowed Instagram users to schedule feed posts and videos, not Stories or Reels.

There are a few confusing caveats to this update, though.

  1. You can only use Creator Studio for Instagram if your Instagram account is connected to a Facebook business page.
  2. On the Facebook tab of Creator Studio, the Create reel option is easy to spot under Create post, but on the Instagram tab, you’ll select Instagram Feed or IG Video, depending on the length of your video. (Back in July, Meta announced that all Instagram videos are now Reels)

While Meta introduced an in-app video-editing tool that allows users to shorten existing clips into Reels back in June, the latest change also allows users to optimize and reframe their horizontal videos for better performance as Reels.

Now, social media managers can upload, edit, and schedule Reels directly from their desktops, making it easier to batch video content and plan around other posts.

(Of course, you can also schedule and manage your Reels alongside all your other social content using Hootsuite’s simple dashboard.)

This update marks the latest in Meta’s move to prioritize short-form video on both Facebook and Instagram.