A recent update from Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri revealed new additions to Reels, Instagram’s fastest growing video format:

Reels video merge

Mosseri confirmed that going forward, all videos will be Reels. Instagram was just testing this new format with select creators within the last month, and is looking to quickly implement the change across the board.

“It doesn’t mean that every video has to be a dancing video or a lip-synching video, but it means when you create a video on Instagram, you’ll have access to all of those tools,” Mosseri says. 

Reels templates

Reels templates are meant to serve as inspiration for creating a Reel of your own from the format or structure given in a provided template. Users can find these templates by visiting the Reels tab and then tapping on the camera. The templates option will appear at the bottom of the page.

Remix improvements

In January, Instagram expanded its Remix feature from Reels to all videos on the platform. Like TikTok Duets, creators could respond to any new video on the app (which given the news, will all be Reels from now on anyway). 

Instagram is updating the feature again so that users can also react to photos with a Reel. The platform is also introducing new Remix formats, such as a picture in a picture, green screen, and vertical orientation of the remix clips. Users can also sequence their Remix after the original video they’re reacting to (rather than having both the original video and the Remix on screen the whole time).

Dual camera

To make use of all smartphone camera, the Dual Camera feature will record videos using the front and back cameras at the same time. 

In recent months, Instagram has been fast and furious with upgrades. Just in the last weeks, the platform introduced features allowing brands to sell products directly in chats, a map to improve business discovery, new subscription functionalities, and Notes