Instagram Reels ads are now available to advertisers in more than 116 countries. 

The ad format, which launched in June this year, offers placement in the Reels tab for full-screen, 30-second videos. Reels ads can also appear from the Reels viewer, which opens when someone clicks on Reel from their feed or the Explore tab. 

People can comment, like, and interact with these Reels ads much like organic Reels on the platform. These ads also feature a call-to-action button in the lower-left corner, based on the chosen ad objective. Call-to-actions include: Shop Now, Read More, Sign Up, and Click Here. 

For now, Reels ads can only be created from the Facebook Ad Manager, but it may be possible to promote organic Reels from Instagram in the future. Brands that have run Instagram Reel ad campaigns include BMW, Louis Vuitton, Netflix, Real Canadian Superstore, Uber, Wealthsimple, and others. 

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