LinkedIn just launched four new features to help companies level up their marketing efforts on the platform.

Schedule Page posts in advance

LinkedIn started rolling out post-scheduling capabilities back in November 2022, but only for individual users.

With this latest update, though, LinkedIn Page administrators can schedule Page posts up to three months in advance.

LinkedIn's native post scheduling feature is now available for Pages

Source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn Audio Events

Like Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, and other interactive podcast formats that have seen huge growth in the last few years, LinkedIn now has its own audio-only feature.

Audio Events launched in limited beta testing last year, but it’s now available as a full-fledged feature.

LinkedIn's Audio Events include links to hosts' LinkedIn profiles and the ability for participants to raise their to join the conversation

Source: LinkedIn

Audio Events are public, so any LinkedIn user can view event details and RSVP ahead of time. Once the event is live, any participant can raise their hand for an opportunity to speak.

You can host an Audio Event as an individual LinkedIn user or your organization. To qualify, you need to have more than 150 followers and/or connections and a history of abiding by LinkedIn’s community policies.

If you want to try setting up your own Audio Event, just create an event and choose LinkedIn Audio Event under the Event format dropdown menu. If the option is available, you’ve met the criteria.

If you want to host your own Audio Event, just create an event and select "LinkedIn Audio Event" under Event format

(Looks like my profile is Audio Event-worthy — watch out, world, I’m a thought leader!)

Automatically post open roles to your Page

LinkedIn’s still the best place for recruiters and hiring managers to connect with potential candidates. Now, they’ve made it even easier for companies to attract prospective employees.

You can now choose to have all new job listings auto-posted to your LinkedIn Page.

Just turn on the Automatically post new jobs toggle in the Job post settings menu. Once you’ve opted in, LinkedIn will share one open role per day to your Page.

LinkedIn will now automatically share new jobs as Page posts. The post includes a link to the actual job posting and is automatically deleted when the associated job listing is deleted.

Source: LinkedIn

If the role is filled and the job is deleted, the linked Page post will be deleted as well.

Note: This feature is only available for Pages with fewer than 1,000 employees.

Pages can now follow other Pages

Individual LinkedIn users have been able to follow organizations for a long time. Now, Pages can follow other Pages.

LinkedIn says the new feature can help Page admins “keep track of trending conversations, easily engage in industry discussions, and distinguish your brand voice by curating a feed view dedicated to content from the Pages you follow.”

LinkedIn Pages can now follow other Pages

Source: LinkedIn