HootSuite Reaches 3 Million Signups and Releases Infographic ~ #3MillionOwls

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HootSuite Reaches 3 million Signups

It is a momentous day in HootSuite’s history as we’re proud to announce our 3,000,000th signup. The dashboard is riding an impressive growth curve having taken 24 months to reach our first million, eight months to reach two million, and six months to reach three million users.

In the time it took HootSuite to add three million users, we’ve released numerous versions of the dash, collected a slew of awards, and created quite the parliament of Owlys – growing from a bright eyed startup to a global industry leader.

Our secret to success? Anticipating the needs of the social media landscape and listening to our users. Through your insightful feedback and continued support, we’ve built a robust social media management dashboard used by a wide spectrum of owls. We’re proud to have created a tool that has shaped how people interact online – and in turn are grateful for how our users have shaped the dashboard.

Measuring the Milestone

At present, over 700 million messages have been sent through over 6 million unique social profiles. To celebrate this occasion, we’ve released an infographic highlighting signup milestones and revenue (run rate), the top ten signups by country, daily usage percentages via web and mobile devices, newly added social networks, and effective reach of messages sent daily.

three million users infographic

A Global Flock

Since reaching the two million user milestone, outreach to international markets has resulted in significant growth of accounts across the globe. HootSuite now offers localized versions of the dashboard in five languages – English, French, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. When ranking HootSuite usage by geographic location, the top ranking countries include:

  1. USA
  2. Japan
  3. UK
  4. Canada
  5. Brazil
  6. Indonesia
  7. Netherlands
  8. Spain
  9. Mexico
  10. Australia

HootSuite in Your Hands

Owly in your hands

Currently 80% of HootSuite users access the dashboard via the web platform while the other 20% choose to access through their mobile devices. Usage on mobile devices show that 57% of users log onto the HootSuite dashboard using iPhones, 26% using Android smartphones, 3% using BlackBerry smartphones, and 14% using iPads. At the three millionth user milestone, the newly added social networks include 45% Facebook (Facebook features, pages, groups), 42% Twitter, 8% LinkedIn and 5% other. Regardless of which platform is used, HootSuite’s users spread messages with the possibility of significant reach. When multiplying the 1.5 million users on the dashboard per day by the number of average followers on each social media account, the effective reach of each message sent can spread to 1.7 billion people.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

HootSuite’s current dashboard reflects a pattern of rapid iterations and release announcements. Since signing up our two millionth user we’ve made significant headway – here’s what we’ve been up to:

Social Media School

Given the ever-changing social media space and release of features, HootSuite has taken steps to continually improve its Social Media Certification program, HootSuite University. The increased desire for additional educational resources can be seen in the program’s enrollment numbers. On HootSuite’s one millionth user milestone, there were 211 certified professionals and practitioners. At the two millionth user mark, 480 were certified. In the past six months, the number of HootSuite University graduates rose to 1343 certified professionals.

Such Great Heights

From everyone at HootSuite HQ, we would like to extend a big thank you to all three million owls using the dashboard. We simply would not be here today without the support you’ve provided us. Moving forward, you can expect to see additional social media networks and HootSuite App Directory integrations, new strategic partnerships, further mobile development, new courseware through HootSuite University, continued expansion of our Enterprise offering, and of course more Owly fun. Once again, we appreciate you taking part in our culture and helping us shape social media.



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Risa 5pts

Yep :-) we are getting it! Congrats to hootsuite indeed, great accomplishment!

Chris Dalzell
Chris Dalzell 5pts

Having only recently joined I can see the reason for it's sucess already ;-)

Marcel 5pts

we use hootsuite now too, it is awsome!

Maxim 5pts

Yes Congrats, it is true we in Germany get it now too. Love the Owl btw, soooo cute :)

Drenagem Linfatica
Drenagem Linfatica 5pts

Good Work ! Congratulations to all at Hootsuite. Thanks for sharing !

Alimentacao 5pts

Yea ! i Agree in fundamental in the Twitter part of the Rage Against The X Factor campaign. Thank You !

Avioes a Venda
Avioes a Venda 5pts

Good to know your exposure is growing at exponential rates! Thanks for sharing!

JMS 5pts

we use hootsuite, and think that 3milion is good, and there are so much to increse!!

Jack L
Jack L 5pts

Wow that is fantastic. Good to know your exposure is growing at exponential rates! Good luck guys. 3 million is one huge number, so well done! Great New Year's gift for you. :)

Kevin 5pts

Congrats, im so happy for you :)

Even ppl in Germany are getting it now ;)

Jon Morter
Jon Morter 5pts

Congratulations to all at Hootsuite. As mentioned to you guys last year...it was fundamental in the Twitter part of the Rage Against The X Factor campaign. I'd recently discovered Hootsuite and it was a godsend! Keep up the good work (oh and thanks for my Hootkit!)


Primeiramente parabéns pelos números alcançados, que nos dias de hoje é muito difícil.

Gostaria muito se alguém pudesse me ajudar a configurar a minha conta, pois não tenho muita experiência e estou me confundindo todo já a mais de 15 dias.

Se for o caso posso até enviar os feed que preciso cadastrar.

Grato e no aguardo.

Marcelo Cardoso

Allan Blair Beaton
Allan Blair Beaton 5pts

Really pleased for everyone associated with Hootsuite in Vancouver and to the rest of the owls around the world.

Thank you also for your support of What's Next? The Social Media Cardiff. We hope to add more owls to the clan.