How to Use Hootlet – A Video Walkthrough

By Andy Au | 3 years ago | 7 Comments

Need to quickly share that helpful article, inspiring blog post or hilarious cat video with your followers? Using HootSuite’s Hootlet you can conveniently share content over social networks without leaving the page you’re on. Choose to send right away, manually schedule a time or schedule using Hootlet’s AutoSchedule feature –  a link share tool that determines the optimal time to schedule social media messaging.

To help you get started, HootSuite University created a helpful, step-by-step instructional video that takes you through:

  • Installing Hootlet (for Chrome, Firefox or using the Bookmarklet)
  • Sharing links using the Hootlet
  • Scheduling manually or with AutoSchedule
  • Viewing, editing and deleting messages in HootSuite Publisher

Link Sharing Made Easy

Free and available to all users, Hootlet helps streamline your social so you can focus more on sharing and less on scheduling. Give it a whirl:

chrome hootlet buttonfirefox hootlet button

 Like many of HootSuite’s features, we’ve added AutoSchedule based on your helpful feedback. What’s your next idea?



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dave_stein 5pts

Love the Hootlet. 

Can you tell me what the number(s) are in the bottom left corner indicate? They appear next to the icons for the networks I've selected to post to.


jordanbehan moderator 5pts

@dave_stein Hi Dave, 

Thats the character count available. On Twitter, you get just 140, whereas on Facebook you have a lot more (2000 characters). If you have both selected, you'll get two counters, indicating how many characters you have remaining for that message type. Hope this helps!

Garuav 5pts

Hi, Im unable to add website and I get error. I even have javascript enabled in my browser. I use firefox browser. please guide me.

Ana Lucia Novak
Ana Lucia Novak 5pts

I would love to see you add Quora, High Table, and Focus so I can monitor questions and answer via Hootsuite dashboard!

John Cosstick
John Cosstick 5pts

I do like the Hootlet button and auto-scheduling and being able to share from a page you are viewing. Is it technically possible to auto-schedule a series of future posts of the same information as for, example, a marketing promotion of a product? However, this may be an issue for another time. I would be interested to read what other users have to say on this issue.


John Cosstick

Jason Kamara
Jason Kamara 5pts

I love the new autoschedule feature and integration with Google+. But is there no way to autoschedule posts/tweets from the Hootsuite dashboard? Is autoschedule only available in the Hootlet?

td 5pts

Q: if I'm signed in to Chrome as td, but want to post as the voice of a company to that company's wall—will it do that when I choose which account to post to, or will it show up in their reef as a post from "td"? If so, is there a fix for that using Hootlet?