New Evernote Tip From @DottoTech

Tech authority and HootSuite friend Steve Dotto outlined a perfect use case for HootSuite’s Evernote integration. Dotto explains how you can access all your notes in dash, but he also outlines his specific business use case.

Dotto saves his weekly email newsletters as ‘notes,’ then from HootSuite he shares the note across his social accounts with one click. The note is automatically converted from a private to public note.

This way, you can expand the reach of your email newsletters by directing your social community to the same content. In the words of Dotto, Evernote and HootSuite are like chocolate and peanut butter – put them together and you get something far sweeter.

Checkout more great tech and productivity tips over at Dotto Tech and learn how you can use HootSuite’s Evernote integration.

Author: Connor Meakin

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