The Hootlet: Find And Share Anywhere

Hootlet lets you quickly & easily share content to your social networks from anywhere on the web.

Never before has social media been so well-integrated into your everyday browsing experience, thanks to Hootlet, HootSuite’s free Chrome extension.

From the business owner who wants to schedule Tweets a day in advance, to the blogger looking to share interesting content with their followers, Hootlet makes all of these social media activities simple and straightforward. The versatile functionality offered by Hootlet means you will only need one extension to perform all the researching, sharing and posting you do while in your browser.


The extension gives you social media functionality where and when you need it, including the ability to:

  • Share webpages to multiple accounts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • AutoSchedule social messages from within any webpage
  • Easily share Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest photos and YouTube videos to social networks
  • View geolocated social media message searches on Yelp and Google maps
  • View related social media messages when performing any Google search
  • … and many more.


Whether you’re searching Google or sharing a new blog post, the Hootlet is a one-stop shop for all things social. Bring social media with you while you browse and take advantage of the information and sharing opportunities it provides. Download Hootlet for Chrome today.

More on the Hootlet:

You can also explore all you can do with the Hootlet in HootSuite University’s tactical, walkthrough video and start implementing your learnings today.