Instagram is currently working on multiple ways for creators to receive the credit they’re due on the platform, Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, announced in a new post

“One of the things I’ve learned from speaking with creators is how important getting credit for the work they do is to them,” says Mosseri. 

Earlier this week, Instagram expanded product tagging to all users in the U.S. to help further drive traffic and attention to creators and businesses selling products on the platform. Previously, only brands and creators had the ability to tag products. 

Instagram is now also offering enhanced people tags. Users have always been able to tag other accounts in videos or photos. What’s different is that now creators can select a category for themselves in their profile settings. The category they choose will now appear in tags. So, if you’re a clothing designer, makeup artist, songwriter, or other creator, your role will now show up on the tag

“Try to make sure you can have your presence – your identity – be what you want it to be and have then credit flow appropriately,” Mosseri says. 

Lastly, Instagram is introducing a ranking change focused on originality. The idea is to prioritize original content over content that’s reposted by other users. Mosseri said more news regarding this feature will be announced in the future.

The new changes are part of Instagram’s effort to attract and retain creators on the platform as a way of continuing to drive business. Earlier this year, Instagram launched a Creator Lab to guide creators on how to make a living online and has continued to introduce new monetization tools, such as subscriptions for creators, to help Instragram creators boost their income.