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103 YouTube Video Ideas for When You’re Out of Inspiration

Are you struggling to come up with new, engaging, and creative YouTube video ideas? Don’t worry. You’re not alone!

Hannah Macready May 11, 2023
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103 YouTube Video Ideas

Are you struggling to come up with new, engaging, and creative YouTube video ideas? Don’t worry. You’re not alone! Being a content creator has a lot of perks, but it can be hard to come up with new ideas on a regular basis. Especially ones that your audience will love and engage with.

If your inspiration well has run dry, here are 103 ideas for YouTube videos to get your creative juices flowing.

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103 YouTube Video Ideas

Get creative, get inspired, and put your channel to work with these video ideas for YouTube. Great for seasoned pros and first-timers.

1. A behind-the-scenes look at your creative process

If you’re an artist, musician, or photographer, why not shoot a video that showcases your creative process? Show your viewers how you create art, compose music or take photos.

2. A tour of your workspace

It can be an interesting look into where people spend their working day and what tools they use to get their job done. So, take a camera around your workspace and show off your studio, office, or workroom to viewers.

3. An in-depth review of a product

Did the latest iPhone just drop? Or maybe there’s a swimsuit line you’ve been dying to try out. Take the time to film an in-depth review of the product.

4. An unboxing or haul video

Unboxing videos can be a great way to give viewers a peek at what’s inside the package before they buy. Show them all the goodies that come with it, and then explain how each item works.

5. A tutorial on how to use a piece of technology or software

Not everyone is a tech genius like you. For your less savvy viewers, create a tutorial to explain how they can use the piece of technology or software you’re reviewing. Show them step-by-step instructions on how to set it up and configure it properly. Include helpful tips and tricks that make using the product easier.

6. Show how to style different outfits for different occasions

If you’re a fashion enthusiast, show your viewers how to dress for different occasions. From casual daytime looks to formal evening wear, show how to style each look with the help of products and accessories.

7. A travel vlog from your recent vacation

If you recently went on an exciting trip, why not share your experience with the world? Create a travel vlog that takes viewers along for the journey. Showcase iconic sights, delicious cuisine, and any unique activities you participated in.

8. A Q&A session with your subscribers

Another good YouTube video idea is to hold a Q&A session with your subscribers. Invite viewers to submit questions for you to answer in the video. This can be a great way for them to get to know more about you and your channel.

9. A fitness challenge with a friend or family member

Humorous and entertaining content is always popular on YouTube. Set up a fitness challenge with a family member or friend and document the results! Not only will you be providing viewers with fitness inspiration, but maybe even some comic relief.

10. A DIY project tutorial

DIY content is all the rage on YouTube. Try shooting a tutorial video on how to make something from scratch. It could be anything from homemade craft projects, recipes, or furniture-building tutorials.

11. Learn how to cook a new recipe

Food videos are great for viewers, especially when you can teach them how to make something new. Try learning a new recipe and film it so viewers can follow along step-by-step. You could even share some tips and tricks at the same time! Don’t worry about getting things perfect. Viewers appreciate imperfection too.

12. Showcase your skills

Are you good at drawing, playing an instrument, dancing, singing, or something else? Showcase your talents and make videos about them! It’s not only a great way to show off what you can do but also be inspiring to others who are learning the same skill.

13. Try out a new makeup look or hairstyle

Makeup and hair tutorials are always fun YouTube video ideas. Try out a new makeup look or hairstyle and share your transformation with your viewers. For beginners, start with basics like everyday looks and gradually work up to more complicated ones as you gain experience.

14. Compare different types of technology products

iPhone vs. Android. Mac vs. PC. There’s no shortage of technology products to compare. Pick two different types and share your insights on which one you think is better for specific tasks or activities.

15. Tips for staying productive and organized

Productivity and organization are skills nearly everyone can benefit from. Share your favorite tips for staying productive and organized, whether keeping a daily to-do list or using specific apps and tools.

16. Share life hacks

Are you an expert at Excel sheets? Do you fold your laundry a certain way that maximizes space? Life hacks to help make life easier Share useful tips and tricks for getting the most out of everyday tasks or activities.

17. An ‘am I doing this right?’ video

Tapping into humor is always a good YouTube video idea. Sharing your experiences and mistakes can make for a good laugh. Talk about embarrassing moments, wrong turns, or regrets that have all been part of the journey. Use it as an opportunity to provide helpful advice to viewers.

18. Video reviews of books, movies, and TV shows

This is a great YouTube video idea for those passionate about literature, film, and television. People can learn more about different books, films, and shows before they invest their time and money into them. You can also provide interesting facts and insights that people may not have known.

19. Showcase a new hobby or passion project you are working on

Give viewers an insight into your life and what you are currently passionate about. You can talk about why you decided to start the hobby or project, any challenges you faced, and how it has been going so far.

20. Challenge yourself to do something within a certain time frame

This YouTube video idea is great for giving viewers a crash course on a specific topic. It’s also fun and entertaining to watch as they get to see whether or not you can pull off the challenge. You can try building a website in an hour or baking a cake in 30 minutes.

21. Take viewers on a virtual tour of your city or town

This type of video is great for any YouTube channel but is an especially good YouTube video idea for beginners. All you need is something to film with, and you’re on your way! Give viewers a feel for the area you live in and help them understand your culture. Be sure to include interesting facts about your hometown as you film!

22. Discuss how different cultures celebrate a particular event

If you have a global audience, this is another great YouTube video idea for beginners. Show how various cultures celebrate the same event differently. It could be something as simple as Christmas or New Year’s Eve, or it could be a unique holiday that only certain countries observe.

23. Share your best money-saving tips

Are you an expert when it comes to budgeting? Share your best tips in a YouTube video and help others learn how to save money.

24. Create tutorials on the basics of photography

If you have an eye for photography, create tutorials that teach people the basics. Show different techniques and tricks they can use to take better pictures with their cameras or smartphones.

25. Share your tips for managing stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety can affect everyone, so share some tips on managing them. Talk about relaxation techniques, healthy hobbies, and other strategies that work for you.

26. Create a vlog about your pet

Do you have an adorable dog, cat, or even a snake? Share their cuteness with the world in a YouTube vlog! You could even create tutorials on how to take care of your pet.

27. Make a budgeting or financial planning video for different life stages

These days, everyone needs to be savvy with their money. Create a video that covers different financial topics for each life stage, such as saving for retirement or how to budget as a student.

28. Explain a complex topic in a simple and straightforward way

Do you have a knack for breaking down difficult topics into easy-to-understand facts? Produce a series of videos that explain complex concepts in an understandable way. For example, you could explain the basics of the stock market. Or, explain how to schedule Reels on Instagram.

29. Organize a virtual book club

Take your book recommendations to the next level by creating a virtual book club with your viewers. Discuss different books, themes, and characters in each video, and connect with the viewers who have read or plan to read the same book.

30. Show how to make something from scratch

Data from Google found a 260% increase in videos about making sourdough in 2020. Show your viewers how to make something delicious like a homemade pizza or an intricate craft such as jewelry.

31. Create interesting timelapse videos

Show the process of creating art, writing a book, building furniture, and more by making a time-lapse video! This is also a great way to demo any DIY projects you’re working on.

32. Make an educational video series

Educate your viewers about a certain topic by creating a series of videos that cover the basics and build up to more advanced topics. You can also use this idea to teach viewers how to do something like coding, math, or baking.

33. Share stories of successful people in your industry or the world

Share inspiring stories of people who have achieved great things to motivate and inspire your viewers. You can also profile entrepreneurs in your industry or people in your community doing amazing work.

34. Give advice on building better relationships with others

We all need advice from time to time on how to build better relationships in our lives. Share your tips and advice for building strong and meaningful relationships with family, friends, co-workers, etc.

35. Share quick beauty hacks

If you’re a beauty guru or enthusiast, share some of your favorite quick beauty hacks for viewers on the go. These tips could be for hair, makeup, skincare, and more!

36. Offer tips for living a more sustainable lifestyle

Sustainability is key to a better future, so offer easy tips and tricks for living sustainably. Showcase ways to reduce energy consumption, recycle resources, or reuse materials.

37. Demonstrate simple recipes

Cooking shows are all the rage on YouTube, so why not join in the fun? Put together short videos showcasing your favorite quick and easy recipes.

38. Plant-based cooking tutorials

If you’re on a vegan or vegetarian diet, create videos dedicated to plant-based cooking. Showcase vegan recipes, ingredients substitutions, and other ideas for delicious vegan meals.

39. Discuss global trends and how they affect different societies

YouTube is a global platform, and there are plenty of fascinating topics to discuss and debate. Talk about the latest news stories, explore global issues, and share your thoughts on current trends that shape our societies today.

40. Promote a cause you care about and why it is important

Take the opportunity to educate viewers on a cause you’re passionate about. Whether animal rights, environmental sustainability, or social justice, use your platform to share meaningful stories and raise awareness for issues that matter most to you.

41. Perform exercises for different fitness levels, from beginners to experts

According to Google, 79% of YouTube viewers say YouTube has sports and fitness video content that they can’t find anywhere else. Offer instructional videos tailored to different levels, including beginners, intermediates, and advanced athletes.

42. Show viewers how to use various tools and equipment safely

Are you comfortable with power tools, hand tools, or a specific type of exercise equipment? Show viewers how to use and maintain their tools safely so they can maximize the benefits of using them.

43. Walkthrough simple house repairs

If you’re a handy person with some experience fixing things around the house, sharing this knowledge with your viewers can be invaluable. Show your audience how to fix simple repairs, like fixing a leaky faucet or tightening screws on a bike frame.

48. Provide tips for eco-friendly travel

Encourage viewers to go green and make their trips as eco-friendly as possible. Share tips on reducing your carbon footprint when traveling, such as packing light and choosing greener forms of transportation.

49. Announce a new event or community initiative

If you’re a business or brand, share any new initiatives you’re taking on, or announce upcoming events. This could be a virtual get-together, a charity drive, or a fundraiser.

50. Give advice on how to find and apply for grants or scholarships

If you are part of a college, university, non-profit, or minority group, share resources and advice on how to find and apply for grants and scholarships. Provide information about where to look for financial aid, what the eligibility requirements are, and any other relevant info.

51. Offer advice on how to start a small business

For experts in small business or entrepreneurship, share helpful advice for getting started. Provide tips on what to consider when deciding which type of business to start, how to research and market a new venture, and any other applicable info.

52. Share strategies for successful job hunting and interviewing

Another idea for a new YouTube video is to offer advice on how to be successful during the job search and interview process. Give tips on how to write an effective resume, create a good cover letter, and stand out in an interview.

53. Run a competition or giveaway

If you’re looking for YouTube video ideas to get subscribers, consider running a competition or giveaway. Give viewers the chance to win something in return for watching your videos and engaging with your content.

54. Bust a common myth or misconception

Busting myths and misconceptions is always a great topic for YouTube videos. Research common misconceptions people have about your genre or topic, and then create a video that debunks those ideas.

55. Present a case study featuring a successful customer

Another great B2B YouTube video idea is to feature a case study focusing on one of your successful customers. Showcase the customer and their story, as well as the results they achieved thanks to your product or service.

56. Show viewers how to use crowdfunding platforms

Given the proliferation of crowdfunding platforms, there is a great opportunity for B2B YouTube videos that offer viewers guidance on how to best take advantage of such resources. From setting up campaigns to promoting them effectively, you can help your audience understand and make the most of these powerful tools.

57. Create a “What’s in my bag” video

This is a popular YouTube video idea for creators to demo the tools of their trade. Whether it’s video production gear, office supplies, or something else entirely, this type of video offers your audience an inside peek into how you work and what you value.

58. Create a “What’s on my phone” video

Much like the “What’s in my bag” video, this content format gives your audience a look at all the apps and features you use on your phone. Showing off the apps you have installed and how you use them can be a great opportunity to share knowledge about mobile productivity with your followers.

59. Show off your collection or the collection of others

Whether it’s a collection of vintage cars or obscure antiques, sharing the collections of your hobbies and interests can be a great way to engage with your viewers. People love seeing what others have collected over the years so it can be a great idea for a YouTube video.

60. Sports highlights compilation

If you’re into sports, try putting together sports highlight compilations and sharing them on YouTube. People love watching the best moments from their favorite sports, and you can use this as an opportunity to show off your knowledge of the game.

61. Make a video about house plant care

If you’re a fan of house plants and gardening, why not make a video about how to take care of your greenery? People find it difficult to keep their plants alive, so this can be an opportunity to show viewers how they can do it right.

62. Show common gardening tips and tricks

Are you a gardening enthusiast? Share your knowledge by making a Youtube video about caring for plants. You can share tips on how to water, fertilize and prune different types of plants.

63. Explain the benefits of composting

In line with sustainability and healthy living, make a video about the importance of composting. Show your viewers how it can help reduce their carbon footprint, as well as provide essential nutrients for their plants.

64. Provide instructions on making DIY decorations

If you’re creative and have an eye for beauty, why not create a Youtube video showing off your skills? Provide instructions on how to make a variety of decorations, from paper stars to wreaths.

65. Explain the importance of yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation can be incredibly beneficial for your mental health. Create a video proving how important it is to practice regularly as part of a holistic lifestyle.

66. Create a video about thrifting and secondhand shopping

Thrifting and secondhand shopping can be great ways to find unique items at a fraction of the cost. Create a video that shows how to thrift shop, where to look for the best deals, and why it’s good for the environment.

67. Give tips on becoming a better public speaker

Public speaking can be difficult if you don’t have the right tips and tricks. Outline ways to become a better public speaker, such as how to keep nerves under control and manage an audience’s attention.

68. Go behind the scenes of a local sports team

Many people want to see what goes on inside the locker room or practice drills of sports teams. Make a YouTube video that takes your audience behind the scenes of the team and features interviews with players and coaches.

69. Create a series of YouTube workouts

Create a series of YouTube videos that shows easy-to-follow workouts that your audience can do at home. Give advice on how to stay motivated and inspire viewers with different exercises and drills.

70. Show upcycling techniques for common items

Upcycling is the process of turning something common into something unique and interesting. Show upcycling techniques for everyday items like clothing, furniture, or tools to give your audience an idea of how they can repurpose their own items.

71. Do a mashup video

Do a video mashup of two different songs, movie clips, or any other mix of sources. Create something humorous and entertaining for your audience to enjoy.

72. Show how to make a meal plan and grocery list

Help viewers learn how to meal plan and create grocery lists. Show them how to save money by buying in bulk and how to make quick, easy meals with affordable ingredients.

73. Create a workout routine

Put together a workout routine for viewers looking to get in shape but don’t know where to start. Demonstrate how to complete exercises and provide tips for keeping motivated.

74. Highlight local businesses

Create videos that showcase small businesses in your area. Interview business owners, try their products and services, and provide an inside look at the inner workings of the business

75. Share ways of getting discounts on everyday items

Everyone loves a deal. This YouTube video idea involves creating videos that teach viewers how to save money on everyday items by using coupons, discount codes, and price-comparison tools.

76. Talk about different types of investment opportunities

If you’re an expert in investments, create videos that discuss different types of investment opportunities and how to navigate the market. This type of YouTube video could help viewers make smarter decisions with their money.

77. Explain the best way to manage student loans and debt

Student loans and debt can be daunting for young people. Create a YouTube video series that offers tips and advice on how to manage student loan debt and other debts, such as credit card bills. Include topics such as budgeting, refinancing options, and debt consolidation strategies.

78. Share your favorite beauty products

Review and show different makeup looks, discuss skincare tips, or talk about the latest trends in hairstyles and nail art.

79. Teach others how to play an instrument

Everyone loves music, so why not teach others how to play a musical instrument? Create videos that offer basic or advanced music lessons and tutorials. You can even create play-along videos to help people learn a skill quickly.

80. Give an art demonstration

Art is a great way to express creativity, so why not share it with the world? Create video tutorials that show how to create different types of artwork or crafts, such as painting, drawing, sculpting, quilting, etc.

81. Share fashion advice

Create videos that share your fashion tips and tricks. Show viewers how to style outfits, put together the perfect date look, or create everyday workwear looks.

82. Make music covers

If you love music, why not cover popular songs? Create renditions of popular music for viewers to enjoy. You can also create your own original music and share it with the world.

83. Create an online course

Are you an expert in something? If so, why not teach others what you know? Create a series of YouTube videos that cover different topics related to your area of expertise, such as photography, cooking, or coding. This can be a great way to create an additional income stream.

84. Make a compilation video for meditation

Sometimes, it’s nice to just relax and unwind. Create a compilation video of relaxing sounds or visuals to help viewers feel more at ease. You can feature different types of music, nature scenes, and calming quotes throughout the video.

85. Create an ASMR video

ASMR stands for Autonomic Sensory Meridian Response, and it’s a type of video that helps viewers get into a relaxed state. Create an ASMR video featuring different sounds, like tapping on objects or whispering into the camera. It can be extremely calming to watch!

86. Create a highlight reel of your favorite game or show

If you’re a fan of a particular game or show, why not create a highlight reel of all your favorite moments? Choose the best clips and combine them into one video. It’s sure to be a hit with other fans!

87. Create an inspirational video

Share inspiring stories and quotes to motivate viewers. You can include stories of people overcoming obstacles or quotes from famous figures. This type of video is perfect for uplifting and inspiring viewers.

88. Create a parody video

Take an existing popular song, movie, or TV show and create a parody video about it. It can be funny, satirical, or just plain silly – the possibilities are endless!

89. Restore an old tool or gadget

Bring new life to an old tool or gadget by restoring it. Show viewers the process and how you bring it back to its former glory.

90. Run science experiments and explain your results

Science experiments are always a great way to explore the world around us. Explain your experiment and results to viewers, and show how it works in different scenarios.

91. Present magic tricks and show how you do them

Showcase some of your best magic tricks and explain how they work. Explain the science behind them and show viewers how it works.

92. Lip sync or dance to popular songs

Lip-syncing and dancing along to popular songs can be a great way to get viewers engaged. Show them your best moves and have fun!

93. Try different challenges or trends

There are always new challenges or trends circulating on YouTube that you can try out for your channel. It could be something as simple as the “ice bucket challenge” or something more complex like a 24-hour overnight challenge.

94. Create a bloopers real from a popular TV show or movie

If you’re a fan of any popular show or movie, creating a bloopers reel can be fun for both you and your viewers. Choose some of the funniest moments from the show/movie, add some witty captions and music, then voila! You have yourself a new YouTube video.

95. Prank someone and get it on film

This one is for the brave souls out there. Pranks can be funny, but they also involve planning and risk-taking. However, if you manage to get it on film, it will make for a great YouTube video idea.

96. Swap lifestyle with someone else

One of the popular YouTube trends nowadays is swapping lifestyles with someone else. Pick a friend or family member and switch lives with them for one day. Document the experience, and add some commentary.

97. Introduce yourself

An introductory video is a great YouTube video idea for beginners. Introduce yourself and explain what kind of videos you’ll be creating in the future. This will give your viewers some context for what they can expect.

98. Try out “weird” food combinations

Everyone loves watching people try weird or unexpected food combinations on YouTube. You don’t have to be a master chef to participate, either. Just find some random ingredients, combine them together, and see what you get!

99. Respond to another video

Do you love a certain YouTube channel and want to add to their thoughts? Respond to their video with your own. It’s a great way to get into the YouTube community and build relationships.

100. Give advice on YouTube success

Are you a YouTube expert? Share your knowledge by giving advice on how to become successful on YouTube. This YouTube video idea is great for YouTube veterans.

101. Host a giveaway or contest

This YouTube video idea is perfect for engaging your existing viewers and attracting new ones. Offer a reward your audience will find valuable, such as exclusive access to your content or a free product.

102. Make a list video

Curate videos with lists to captivate viewers and boost engagement on YouTube. Whether text-based or visual content, the list format is a surefire way to rapidly rise in viewership.

103. YouTube video idea generator

Not sure what to create? Don’t worry. There are YouTube video idea generators out there that can help you find some inspiration. Simply enter a few keywords, and the YouTube Video Idea Generator will give you fresh ideas for your channel.

What topics are most popular on YouTube?

The most popular topics on YouTube include tutorials, video games, ASMR, mashups, music, and education.

What is a good first YouTube video?

Some of the best first YouTube video ideas include tutorials, reaction videos, or Q&A-style videos. Like any social media network, YouTube is all about creativity and originality, so make sure your first YouTube video stands out from the crowd.

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