Social Media is Sweet: A Hootsuite Story

By Angela Leung | 3 years ago | 34 Comments

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Despite social media’s rapid adoption, many people and businesses have shied away from it for lack of understanding of how it can add value. For this reason, Hootsuite created a video that illustrates just how simple and useful social media can be.

At its core, social media is about connecting people and sharing information. The video tells a story of how sharing a single update can spark a larger conversation – between a student, a baker and a bank. It also highlights how a social media dashboard, like Hootsuite, can help you streamline your social media efforts.

Life is better when we share. So please do share. Share the video with your boss who’s hesitant to try social media, with your clients unfamiliar with how social media can help their business, and to anyone who just doesn’t quite get it, yet. Bonus points, if you find the easter eggs.

Special thanks to: Giant Ant for producing the video, Jon and Roy for their catchy song ‘A Little Bit Of Love’, G&F Financial and Nelson the Seagull for providing filming locations.

Wayne 5pts

I wasn't sure this would interest me to start with but as I watched the video I got the picture, this is what social media is all about. Kudos to the creator of such a catchy little clip that i how goes viral. :)

Ashley Bellm
Ashley Bellm 5pts

Education is definitely the key to getting people to adopt social media. I think many people don't realize how important these conversations that we are having are... Yet. They definitely will and it's examples like these that will push them towards a greater awareness. The markets are changing and people are demanding to be heard. Great Video :)

Shovan 5pts

Nice video definitely makes me want to try pro version

Jeremi 5pts

Really, really well put together. Great job!

John 5pts

Tremendous story line. Makes a complex story seem simple and real. Nice production--and I liked the joyous music that built towards the end. Well done.

skarnos 5pts

Congrats on the video!

Brian 5pts

Great video! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Anna Lawlor
Anna Lawlor 5pts

Sweet video...pun intended! A great showcase of different Hootsuite features in a fun, short story. Nice one.

Joakim Nilsson
Joakim Nilsson 5pts

First of all, congrats to a very well made video!

Just as well as social media tools & technologies can enhance good business (which you video very well illustrated, although a bit simplified but anyway), it can/will do the opposite to bad businesses.

Remember that technology is only an enabler.

Keep up the good work Hootsuite ppl!

WeB diZaJN
WeB diZaJN 5pts

Excellent video.

Now my boss better understand the impact of Social Media.

Excellent choice of ways of presenting the model of B2C and B2B.

Sylvia Rigakis
Sylvia Rigakis 5pts

Love it! I just sent it to a friend who is starting her own business and just couldn't wrap her head around social media, for sure this video will help!

Jayson Gurney
Jayson Gurney 5pts

Just received your latest newsletter and noticed your comment about this great video. I have to say it's GREAT! I'll be showing this at my next Social Media Cafe to strengthen my views on why small business owners should be using HootSuite.

Frieda Austin
Frieda Austin 5pts

Great video. Social media is simply conversation and connections. Anybody can do that.

deborah nixon
deborah nixon 5pts

Is this a true story? If so, that is fantastic. I'd love to know how to attract more followers though. My tweets hardly seem to be noticed.

Dan Hinmon
Dan Hinmon 5pts

Nice way to show the practical value of social media. Is that baker checking her phone every time she gets a tweet? Or is she getting alerts for just @ mentions or certain #?

Ryan Bell
Ryan Bell 5pts

Awesome video! Keep up the amazing work HootSuite!

Elvira Villarini
Elvira Villarini 5pts

cannot help but notice Apple Technology ! did you get sponsorship from them :-)

Loved it !!

Debbie Josendale
Debbie Josendale 5pts

Great storytelling in a 2 minute video. You really demonstrated the business building impact of social media in a fun and easy way to understand. Congrats!

Jacquileen 5pts

Great video! Concise and very informative for new users ... Thanks for sharing...

Vernon Niven
Vernon Niven 5pts

Love it - awesome video! But let's take this a step further:

What if our hungry gentleman could receive the same message... without having to follow the bakery on Twitter?

In other words,

What if he simply *knew* that tweeting out "I'm hungry for something sweet" would elicit a response (or an offer) from local bakeries... or maybe a helpful link from Yelp?

Got a solution for THAT?

Paul Clews
Paul Clews 5pts

Why can't my hootsuite connect to my Facebook accounts? It used go work, buy now says someone else owns my accounts.

Cheques 5pts

Yes, great video!!! Congratulations!

Rick Noel
Rick Noel 5pts

Nice video Angela. One of the interesting things I noticed was that except for the banker, 2/3 of the players were mobile! So in line with the trends in online media consumption (and even production) these days. I also liked the b2c and b2b examples blended in one story line. Nice!

For businesses of all sizes, it is all about the ROI when making the case for social media budget allocation, both initially and ongoing, especially when the benefits are not as immediately obvious in more common, real-world scenarios.

Savvy businesses understand their marketing investments must follow the eyeballs and that message content, delivery and engagement need adjust to the netiquette for each venue. Having the tools to show ROI is key to executive buy in and ongoing commitment necessary to produce results. Thanks for sharing.