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Being a social media master also means being a reliable source for information to your followers. After all, more and more people look to social media first for real-time news and updates. But after typing out your sixth identical response to a frequently asked question, do you find yourself wishing there was a better way? With HootSuite, there is.

The Draft Message feature in HootSuite allows you to create a series of message templates, saving you time and ensuring accurate and appropriate responses.

Here’s How

  1. In the HootSuite dashboard, first select which social profiles you want to send your drafted message from. Now, enter the message you wish to draft into the Compose box.
  2. Next to the Send Now button in the bottom right of your compose box, you’ll see a down arrow icon. Click this icon to display a drop-down menu.
  3. Within the drop-down menu, you can save your message as either a draft by clicking Save draft or as a template by clicking Create template.

Note: A template is a message that you can access and publish as many times as you like, e.g. an answer to a frequently asked question. A draft is a message you would like to save for future editing, e.g. you are waiting for an image that needs to be attached to a message. Once you send a drafted message, it is no longer accessible for future editing.  

hoottip draft msg       4.  To access your templates, click on the down arrow icon and select View templates. This will bring up your pre-written messages.Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 4.50.33 PM

        5. From here, simply select the message you would like to use and it will be moved into the compose box. Click Send Now.
6.  To access your drafts, click on the down arrow icon and select View drafts. This will bring up your pre-written messages in the Publisher. From here, you can edit, send or schedule your drafted message.

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 4.52.40 PM      7. To edit your drafted message, hover over the message and click the pen icon.
8. Edit your message within the popup window, and select Save.
9. To send your drafted message, select Publish / Schedule. To Schedule your message, simply click the calendar icon and enter the date and time you would like your message sent.Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 4.53.00 PM      10. To delete your drafted message, hover over the message and click the ╳ button.

Sharing Templates With a Team Member (Pro and Enterprise Only)

Working with teams in HootSuite allows you to collaborate with other people within the dashboard. Once you’ve drafted your messages for your social profiles, you can share them with your team.

Here’s How

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 4.53.23 PM

  1. Select View templates from the drop-down menu. This will bring up a list of your saved messages.
  2. Click the share icon to share your message to a team from your list.

Keep an eye out for a new #HootTip each week – they’re short and sweet so that you, your friends and your followers will be HootSuite experts in no time.

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