How HootSuite helps your images go viral

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, it deserves at least a comment or three. A few weeks ago HootSuite unveiled image sharing and file uploading. (See post here). As of today, HootSuite now allows you to comment on any shared picture or uploaded document; not only that, but now you can attach photos or documents to your comments.

All comments you leave are tweeted out to your Twitter stream, with a link back to the original image or document.  Any photos or documents that are attached as comments will generate their own link, so you can comment on those as well.

What’s really cool? If an image or document is attached as a comment, it will show “This is a reply to an image by @username” at the top of the page.

To manage your files and comments, simply sign in to with your Twitter login. Comments can be up to 300 characters on When sent to Twitter, your message will be truncated to 140 characters, and will include a link to the original comment.

Why is this so exciting? Because this feature has massive potential to greatly increase the viral activity of any image shared or file uploaded.

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adebrown 5pts

is there any way thing could, be made a plug-in... or have i not done something... plus ... it'd be cool to be able to record and tweet from within hootsuite, as I mentioned earlier, like some iphone clientes are letting you :-D

Bert Trotman
Bert Trotman 5pts

This is a really cool feature! There's one issue I have with it though (maybe I'm doing something wrong). On my iPhone, when I click an picture link, it takes me to a web page where I can hardly see the picture. It would be great if the picture showed full screen on my phone.

Thanks guys!

MrLich 5pts

Thanks for this feature gang - awesome addition!

Sandra Sands
Sandra Sands 5pts

You know guys, this is really driving me nuts, why will no-one take me seriousley

tim 5pts

seriously--this is the solution i have been waiting for: uploading a photo, getting comments, and being able to have things geotagged. keep up the good stuff--w00ts, hoots!

Sandra Sands
Sandra Sands 5pts

I must have upset twitter cos I can't seem to be able to log in. Must have been a naughty girl ! (might be this silly laptop) I'll try again when I get home.

Sandra x

John 5pts

This is great news and a great feature. I have tried it but I also found out that I can't track pic uploads in hootsuite. How is this possible? I never did like twitpic and this seemed like a great alternative,god send almost, but with out being able to track analytics in hootsuite, what's the point? Let me know when analytics is added and I will be back.

Douglife 5pts

Now this is more like it, no more TwitPic for me! Thanks!

Rob 5pts

Is it me, or does the second reply look spammy?!?!?! He isn't really serious about enjoying the lighting and ambience of a self-shot camera pic of his new glasses is he?

but lol at the OP for replying with a song - he must have had his weetabix! Let's hope he doesn't have to record a new one for every single comment he gets eh? :)

Very surreal.

Great new feature (by the way, lol) I'm so glad I changed my client to Hootsuite, your app rocks.


Sandra Sands
Sandra Sands 5pts

This is a really cool idea. Thanks so much for sharing. I'm off to sign up right now !

Sandra x

Rule4081 5pts

This is great. Can't wait until you all come out with something similar for audio because sucks!

I love hootsuite. I also use tweetdeck as well but Hootsuite lets me send messages in the future; cool feature.

Again, if you can make it easy to share and discuss audio you guys will take the cake!

mysellers 5pts

Very good idea, I will add mine