Using HootSuite to Manage Corporate Conversations – Social Business Profile With Seagate Technology

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“Everyone looks at social media differently. The data needs to be different for each department, because we all have different goals and objectives.” – Rich Harris, Senior Manager, Social Media at Seagate Technology

Spend a day in the life of Rich Harris, the Senior Manager of social media at Seagate Technology, a 30 year old technology company and #1 manufacturer of hard drives and storage solutions worldwide.

A Day in the Life

This social business profile shows how global organizations can utilize social media in general, and HootSuite specifically to streamline their corporate conversations. Learn how, Seagate structures their social strategy throughout the organization for customer support, brand awareness, ROI, and to streamline their internal workflow.

Whether through mobile engagement and monitoring at events like SXSW, or reporting on specific departmental objectives, see how this global B2B enterprise structures their strategy for B2C engagement through social.

And share with your colleagues, clients and peers.

Author: Ashley Jane Brookes

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Ashley is the marketing lead for HootSuite’s brand and content strategy, with a focus on enterprise business and client success. Since 2010, Ashley has helped build the marketing efforts for the company which has seen growth in excess of 7 million users worldwide. Her speaking experience for HootSuite includes various presentations on Best Practices for Social Business as well as the World Summit Awards in Cairo where she spoke about social media’s role in the Egyptian Revolution.

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