Be Social ~ The 2013 HootSuite Holiday Video

The end of 2013 is fast approaching and it has been an incredible year for social media. We’ve had Tweets from space captivate people across the globe; we saw another social media giant go public and cement the place of social media as a viable industry; we saw the emergence of new tools and technologies, from Vine to Instagram Video to Snapchat.

HootSuite had another year of growth, surpassing 8 million users, reaching 1 million app downloads, and attracting over $165 million in funding, among other milestones. And this success is thanks to you. To all of our users, partners and fans, we say thank you for joining us on this amazing ride.

Social media is about being social. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the technology that we lose sight of what is most important: connecting with other people. As much as we love everything about social media, this holiday season let’s all remember to put down our phones, close the laptops, and enjoy the company of good people.

Have a wonderful holiday season and remember to be social!

For a more holiday-themed viewing experience, watch the video here.