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19 Apps for Instagram Stories That Will 10X Your Views

Instagram Stories may disappear, but their impact can be lasting. Make sure yours are showstoppers with these 19 apps for Instagram Stories.

Hannah Macready June 28, 2023
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The growing suite of apps for Instagrams Stories means the potential for creativity is endless.

And while the content may be temporary, their impact isn’t. Instagram Stories offer social media marketers a golden opportunity to reach and engage with the more than half a billion users who watch Stories every day.

New to Instagram Stories or just struggling to get your Stories to convert? Read on for our favorite apps for Instagram Stories that can help you create beautiful, eye-catching content.

Bonus: If you’re looking for some inspiration for engaging Instagram posts, head over to our best Instagram apps blog.

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19 apps for Instagram Stories marketers should know

1. Hootsuite

Scheduling an Instagram Story in Hootsuite Composer

Best for: Scheduling your Stories

With Hootsuite, you can plan and create your Instagram Story content in advance, then find the perfect time to post it. You can also use Canva right inside your Hootsuite dashboard to add some flare to your Stories before you post them. Learn how to schedule Stories with Hootsuite here.

Key features:

  • Create content in advance to post at your own pace
  • Edit your images directly in the dashboard
  • Upload Stories from desktop or mobile

Price: 30-day free trial

Download: Desktop, iOS and Android


four mobile screens showing VSCO app for instagram stories features

Source: VSCO on Apple Store

Best for: Adding filters and edits to Stories

Often thought of as the gold standard for photo editing, VSCO offers professional-looking editing presets and highly detailed tools for adjusting color, texture, light, and perspective. High-definition RAW photos from your professional camera can be easily imported and tweaked on the go, so your Instagram Stories can look good even if your phone-tography skills aren’t perfect.

Key features:

  • 10 free presets (200-plus available for paid subscribers)
  • Editing tools and textures
  • Video editing, including color control
  • Build montages with videos, photos and shapes

Price: Free, with paid premium features

Download: iOS and Android


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3. Unfold

four mobile screens showing app for instagram stories unfold

Source: Unfold on App Store

Best for: Creating a cohesive brand presence

Unfold bills itself as “a toolkit for storytellers.” This app for Instagram Stories features a variety of photo and text layout templates that make every Story look like a mini digital magazine. This Instagram Stories template app gives your content a cohesive look and feel.

Key features:

  • Over 200 template options (some paid)
  • Advanced text tools offer a variety of fonts and styles
  • Built-in photo-editing tools
  • For paid subscribers, early access to new templates

Price: Free, with paid premium features

Download: iOS or Android


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4. Patternator

four screens showing funny instagram story backgrounds with cat and dog faces

Source: Patternator on App Store

Best for: Adding animated backgrounds to Stories

Use this app for Instagram Stories to create playful animated backdrops for your stories using a library of GIFs and quirky images. Or, add your own photo stickers to really customize the experience. Patternator also lets you tweak the speed and movement of the cascading graphics to complete your delightfully dizzying personalized video wallpaper.

Key features:

  • 23 pre-set animated templates, plus tools to tweak movement and layout
  • Export as a GIF, video, live wallpaper, or HD image
  • Share directly to Instagram

Price: Free, with paid premium features

Download: iOS and Android

5. Life Lapse

gif of avocado toast

Source: Life Lapse

Best for: Attention-grabbing stop-motion videos

Become a stop motion sensation on Instagram! Life Lapse brings life to even the most inanimate objects. The app offers 50+ lessons and tutorials to help you create high-quality stop-motion videos. Plus, enter one of its Stop Motion Challenges to win prizes!

Key features:

  • Ghosted image overlaps for easy shooting
  • In-app video editing tools
  • Add music (premium only)
  • Interval timer and one-shot timer

Price: Free, with paid premium features

Download: iOS and Android

6. Storyluxe

four screens showing templates, collecitons, and backdrops available in Storyluxe instagram app

Source: Storyluxe on App Store

Best for: Stylish photo collages for daaaays

Storyluxe is the perfect app for Instagram Stories that require a well-set vibe. The app’s 700 templates mimic the look of film strips or taped-together photos. Plus, make use of neon elements to add some serious punch.

Key features:

  • Custom branding watermark (premium only)
  • Themed templates: choose from categories like “paper,” “collage,” or “tape.”
  • Add text and patterned backgrounds
  • Export directly to Instagram Stories

Price: Free, with paid premium features

Download: iOS only

7. Motionleap

motion video editing features from Motionleap instagram story app

Source: Motionleap on App Store

Best for: Adding motion to static images

Can’t decide between photo and video? Motionleap offers the best of both worlds, animating static pictures to create dynamic ones. Add elements and overlays, then adjust the speed for customized movement.

Move the clouds in the sky, make hair blow in the wind like there’s a magic Beyoncé wind machine, whatever you want! Magic!

Key features:

  • Add moving elements to still photos with user-friendly functionality
  • Control movement, direction, speed, and style
  • Sky replacement technology and AI water animation

Price: Free, with paid premium features

Download: iOS and Android

8. WordSwag

text overlays on three images using Wordswag app for instagram stories

Source: WordSwag on App Store

Best for: Text overlays on images

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But what about a picture with words on it? WordSwag is one of the best Instagram Story apps for layering beautiful typographic elements atop your photos for a stand-out blend of photo and text.

Key features:

  • 80+ different fonts and typefaces (on pro plan)
  • 1.3 million free backgrounds from Pixabay
  • Foil, stamp, and watercolor text effects
  • Trendy frames and layouts

Price: Free, with paid premium features

Download: iOS and Android


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9. Boosted

stickers, templates, and text overlays using booster app for instagram stories

Source: Boosted on App Store

Best for: Eye-catching photo and video Stories

If you’re looking for an app for Instagram Stories that makes your content stand out, look no further. Boosted lets you craft sleek videos (tutorials, Q&As, whatever!) using eye-catching video templates. Plus, easily layer in text and music to really make your content pop.

Key features:

  • Stylish video templates
  • Add branded filters, fonts, music, and colour
  • Combine multiple video clips
  • Access the Getty Images video clip library

Price: Free, with paid premium features

Download: iOS and Android

10. Hype-Type

adding animated text to instagram stories using hype type app

Source: Hype-Type on App Store

Best for: Adding animated text

Add a little drama to your copy with this video text animator. Flip it, reverse it, speed it up, slow it down: just get those words moving. Plus, Hype-Type can automatically generate interesting and meaningful quotes to give context to your Stories.

Key features:

  • Combine multiple video clips or apply to single photo or video shots
  • Control of text placement
  • A wide variety of font styles and animations

Price: First week is free, then $20 for the year

Download: iOS and Android

11. A Design Kit

three mobile screens showing custom stickers on static images using a design kit app for Instagram stories

Source: A Design Kit on App Store

Best for: Adding custom elements to static images

When it comes to Instagram Stories, design matters. Between the brushes, the fonts, the design details, the collage templates and the stickers, A Design Kit might be your ultimate design toolkit. Its sister app, A Color Story, is a great companion if you’re looking for influencer-approved Insta filters and effects.

Key features:

  • Tons of fun custom stickers
  • 60+ fonts and 200+ designs
  • Realistic brushes to add texture and color
  • Bold background options like metallics and marble

Price: Free, with paid premium features

Download: iOS only

12. Seen

mobile screens showing unique template and transition options in seen app for instagram stories

Source: Seen on App Store

Best for: Smooth video transitions

Seen comes from the makers of Facetune, so you know it’s all about flawless presentation. Though the app has templates and stickers, the real highlight is the dramatic transitions. Images dissolve into one another, text fades in and out, and photos slide away fluidly.

Key features:

  • Slick transitions
  • Trendy templates (including seasonal options)
  • A huge sticker library
  • Mix video and photo within the same layout

Price: Free, with paid premium features

Download: iOS only

13. Adobe Express

colourful templates in adobe express app for instagram stories

Source: Adobe Express on App Store

Best for: High-quality social media templates

Adobe Express gives you access to thousands of beautiful Instagram Story templates, plus free design tools to make them stand out. Simply choose a template, upload your brand assets, add custom text, and voila! You’ve got a social media template worth talking about.

Key features:

Price: Free, with paid subscription options

Download Adobe Express: iOS, Android, or Desktop


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14. InShot

photo, music, and transition editing features on inshot app for instagram stories

Source: InShot on App Store

Best for: High-quality video editing

InShot is a powerful Instagram Story editor app that helps you create professional-grade Stories with ease. From music to transitions, emoji to filters, blur backgrounds, speed editing, and more. InShot is your partner in cinematic excellence.

Key features:

  • Picture-in-Picture editing
  • Add motion to layers
  • Sound effects and voiceovers
  • Cinematic filters and transitions

Price: Free, with paid subscription options

Download InShot: iOS and Android

15. Filmm

video effects using filmm app for instagram stories

Source: Filmm on App Store

Best for: Super aesthetic video editing

Filmm lets anyone be a professional video editor. This app for Instagram Stories mixes professional film light effects, textures, and distortions with modern aesthetics. Your audience will be swooning when you’re done with them.

Key features:

  • 30+ text animations
  • 100 filters and effects
  • Story-specific cropping
  • Multi-clip editing

Price: Free, with paid subscription options

Download Filmm: iOS and Android

16. Tezza

examples of aesthetic image editing with tezza app for instagram stories

Source: Tezza on App Store

Best for: Aesthetic photo editing

While Filmm is your go-to for aesthetic videos, Tezza is where it’s at for aesthetic photos. Use this Instagram Stories filter app to create stunning, broody, and beautiful static photos that will bring your audience straight into your fantasy.

Key features:

  • 40+ presets
  • Vintage photo effects
  • 150+ templates
  • Texture and dimension overlays

Price: Free trial then $5.99 per month or $39.99 per year

Download Tezza: iOS only

17. Magisto

four screens showing layout and sticker editing using magisto app for instagram stories

Source: Magisto Video Editor on App Store

Best for: AI-powered video editing

Magisto Video Editor & Maker uses artificial intelligence to select the best parts of your video and edit it to perfection. Sit back, relax, and let the robot do the work. With just a few clicks, Magisto’s Instagram Story editor app will create scroll-stopping Instagram Stories worthy of new audience engagement.

Key features:

  • Custom templates and stickers
  • AI smart editor
  • Add text, font, and color
  • Photo slideshow and collage options

Price: Free, with paid subscription options

Download Magisto: iOS and Android

18. GoDaddy Studio

custom branded instagram story templates using over app

Source: GoDaddy Studio on App Store

Best for: Easy graphic design tools

GoDaddy Studio (formerly Over) lets anyone be a graphic designer with easy-to-use design tools built for social. Use the GoDaddy Studio app for Instagram Stories to build new templates, add graphics to content, and make your Stories stand out with stickers. You can even build a logo!

Key features:

  • Remove background tool
  • Template, font, and image library
  • Blend video with images

Price: 7-day free trial then $14.99 per month

Download GoDaddy Studio: iOS and Android

19. PhotoGrid

four screens showing custom layout options in photogrid app for instagram stories

Source: PhotoGrid on App Store

Best for: Crafting custom collages

PhotoGrid is an app for Instagram Stories that helps you create custom layouts in a variety of shapes and feels. Just went on vacation? Create a collage of your best pics. Showing off your latest product features? Feature them all in a custom collage.

Plus, add custom fonts, text, and colors to make your content stand out.

Key features:

  • 20,000+ custom layouts
  • 1,000 fonts
  • Photo and video grid options
  • Custom stickers, backgrounds, borders, and more

Price: Free, with paid subscription options

Download PhotoGrid: iOS and Android

These are just a fraction of the tools available to make your Instagram Story pop. Download one, or download them all, but remember that apps for Instagram Stories are the perfect place to experiment—so get creative, try new things, and see what works best for your brand first-hand.

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