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Make Your Content Work Harder: 25+ Monetization Tactics for TV and Radio Networks

TV and Radio Networks have no shortage of content.

But when it comes to translating traditional content into social traffic growth, there are a few common blockers. Edelman’s 2013 study, A World Turned Inside Out, highlights a major one:

“The design of social currency is very different to traditional media formats—they need to be weighted towards positive and uplifting new stories and gossip. Due to reciprocity, people want to share this with friends and family. They will be very cautious about not wanting to be seen as overly negative and relate what and how they share to their own ‘personal’ brand.”

— Edelman, “2013: A World Turned Inside Out”

That said, back catalogues and headliner content can absolutely be repurposed for social media—and help support your monetization strategies, whether for your audience or your advertisers.

Get inspired with Hootsuite’s new tactical guide: The Social Station: 7 Ways TV and Radio Networks can Increase Tune-in and Monetize Social Audiences. It shows you over 25+ ideas for monetizing your content, including:

  • Why you should include archival content in your social media publishing strategy
  • Tips for creating more attractive digital packages to sell to advertisers
  • Insider tips on measuring the impact of social content—without getting bogged down in the numbers

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