You Can Now Save and Edit Vine Video Drafts

By Evan LePage


You can save up to 10 Vine drafts.
You can save up to 10 Vine drafts for editing at a later time. Image courtesy of Vine.

Vine has just announced two new features which will allow users to save and edit Vine video drafts.

The first feature, dubbed Sessions, allows you to save a video mid-filming and come back to it later. Up to 10 videos can be saved on Vine for completion later on. To use to feature users need only tap a newly-place icon on the right side of the camera to save or open a session.

The second new feature, called Time Travel, allows you to “remove, reorganize or replace” a shot within a Vine draft before you post it. Using this new feature is as simple as tapping the green bar while shooting in the camera view, or hitting the new “Edit” button when you’re previewing a video.

You can now edit Vine videos both in filming and editing modes. Image courtesy of Vine.
You can now edit Vine videos both in filming and editing modes. Image courtesy of Vine.

The features definitely put Vine back into a competitive position with Instagram Video, which had largely taken over the limelight since it’s reveal early last summer. Instagram Video introduced improved editing capabilities and the ability to upload video files from your phone library back in July, features which were lauded by users who wanted more flexibility in the production of their clips. The two apps have different but overlapping audiences, so it will be interesting to see if this brings back some users who had left Vine behind.

So will you be making use of these new Vine features? Let us know in the comments below. 

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