HootSuite Best Practices Optimize Facebook EdgeRank ~ Info Sheet

By Ashley Jane Brookes | 4 years ago | 14 Comments

HootSuite Info SheetHootSuite released enhanced Facebook functionality to help businesses make the most of this popular social network to build community, increase activity and promote campaigns.

To help you make the most of your valuable resources, we’ve prepared a helpful Info Sheet about Facebook best practices to increase your audience participation as well as your EdgeRank – Facebook’s way of gauging the importance and value of your posts.

Impress To Engage

You’ve got a Facebook page, you’re building a community and getting new “Likes” everyday –  Now what? It’s time to get friendly and engage with your audience in order to get the attention you seek. By reaching out to your fans with personal replies, encouraging conversations and posting interesting and timely content, you’ll generate participation.

Facebook Management via HootSuite

Notes on EdgeRank

By increasing participation with your content, you’ll also increase your EdgeRank, a weighting system which determines how prominently your updates will be displayed across News Feeds.

Facebook.com describes their (secret) formula as:

“The News Feed algorithm bases this on a few factors: how many friends are commenting on a certain piece of content, who posted the content, and what type of content it is (e.g. photo, video, or status update).”

In other words, concentrate on posting interesting content, specifically designed for your audience and your Edgerank will follow.

Facebook Management via HootSuite

Socially Connected

HootSuite is a Facebook Preferred Developer Consultant, and has an in-depth understanding of this social network – including EdgeRank – and we’ve crafted the dashboard’s Facebook functionality with these unique needs in mind since first adding Facebook integration on Nov. 24th 2009.

Jump into this handy Info Sheet to learn specific ways to use Facebook and HootSuite together to get your posts seen, spark conversations and finally, measure the results.

Download the Infosheet: Facebook Best Practices [PDF]

Puedes leer y descargar estas Buenas prácticas en Facebook [PDF] también en español

Facebook Pages Best Practices is now available for you to read, download and share with clients and colleagues. Curious about Edgerank and what makes a Facebook post? Keep an eye on @HootWatch for more articles and let us know your top tips in the comments.




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dm 5pts

I just noticed this happening after not getting any interaction on my posts. I did an A/B test and a post made directly in FB shows up in the Newsfeed, while a post made through Hootsuite does not - with added video/picture or not. Has FB changed its API again?

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

Thanks Yancey, This situation is now resolved with Facebook.

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

Thanks Yancey, This situation is now resolved.

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

Keep in mind that Facebook is frequently changing and modifying their tools. Edgerank no longer exists and you'll find HootSuite posts are treated the same as content posted via Facebook.

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

I think you'll see that this situation has improved and your HootSuite posts to Facebook should be viewed the same as Facebook native posts.

Anthony 5pts

I have a business page on FB with around 6k "likes" and now feel that with the new updates made to FB, nobody is seeing my posts. I barely get any "likes" on my posts or comments for that matter. Are these going unnoticed? Are there settings I may be missing for better visibility? Need help.

Heck 5pts

Thank you for the post it has answered some questions and confusion I've had about the news feed lately.

Facebook needs to stop changing stuff willy nilly. I was happy with my newsfeed when I decided what did or didn't show up... I hate that now I have to go visit all the pages I've liked to see their promotions or updates because I'm just a looker and rarely comment... Not happy with the current news feed.

And the trend feed isn't helpful I'm on FB a lot but I liked being able to catch up just by scrolling down and seeing things instead of having to scroll through the trend feed and then hover over/click on something that might be interesting just to see if it is or isn't...

Tam 5pts

Really, the newsfeed is total baloney now. I'm a user who also has a business page. First off, as a user, I am now not receiving updates from certain pages that I have liked that maybe are an "annual" type of group (i.e. Cal Poly's Rose Parade Float). Since they're not active year-round on their page, I am now not seeing their posts on my wall as we get closer to New Year's and they've ramped up their weekly/daily posts for volunteers, etc. (I noticed them on the ticker ... which is a huge irritant and a privacy issue, IMO.) And they're not going to "Buy" advertising because they're a fully volunteer group.

Also, as a small business owner, I also believe my posts are now not being seen on a regular basis by my small amount of fans. Why should I throw out a ton of hyperbole daily and waste my fans' time just to get a higher rank on FB? I should only have to post when I have something important or new to share, not to waste bandwidth.

I am fully, completely unhappy with the curent newsfeed on FB.

Renae 5pts

I'm a user, not a business. And I am disgusted that half of what shows up in Hootsuite does NOT show up on my Facebook newsfeed. I want to control what pages show up! Right now, it's like I go to Facebook itself just to see what "they" decided to show me, but over to Hootsuite to see the real deal -- all the posts that are coming through. And there's no way to complain about this to Facebook -- no way to change it. Ridiculous from a user point of view. If I were a page owner / business, I'd be mad that people weren't seeing my posts EVEN THOUGH they liked my page! Come on, Facebook, let users decide what they want to see!

Yancey 5pts

We're having the same problem. We've got a following of about 6000. We posted two comments in the same hour, one directly into Facebook and the other through Hootsuite. 24 hours later the Impressions counter showed 1300 impressions for the direct post and only 300 for the Hootsuite post. That is a problem. It's as if Facebook is filtering our services such as Hootsuite. Are there any plans to resolve this?

Will Fertman
Will Fertman 5pts

I've noticed posts I've made via Hootsuite are suddenly not arriving in Top Stories for our large (20k) page following, despite a long history of good, non-spammy interaction with readers.

Does EdgeRank take HS into account? We're a small company with a big social media presence, and we need to be able to use HS's dash and scheduling options without getting cut off from our audience. I'd love to hear your input on this--it's a very serious problem that's cut our traffic in half.

Kate 5pts

Hey Will,

I've heard that use third party applications are penalized in the edgerank.

But I also think that the entire edgerank system is faulty.... as my most interactive Facebook pages are given horrible scores and my least active are given the highest.

Yancey 5pts

Will... post a comment directly into Facebook, then one through Hootsuite. Wait a day and look at the Impression counter. Compare the numbers and see if you're having the same issue I am. Thanks.

Jeff 5pts

It would be nice to be able to read or maybe even print out the document. Also the Slideshare never seems to load. Interesting but it would be nice to be able to properly read and save it for reference.