Keep your Friends Close & Statistics Closer ~ HootSuite’s “Barn Owl” Release

By Dave Olson | 6 years ago | 72 Comments

Statistics for Social Media Marketing

The good news continues from HootSuite HQ with the release of “Barn Owl” – the new iteration of our beloved (and award-winning) social media dashboard. This release includes tools which will delight marketing departments, customer support teams and anyone who seeks to understand their audience plus track what’s working.

In all, HootSuite’s new release delivers on requests from hardcore fans including complete relationship management, enhanced statistics reporting, and a “save as draft” functionality as well as a few tune-ups to stay at the forefront of performance and convenience.

Here’s a recap of the new tools and their benefits:

Know and Grow your Audience

barn-cleanupSure you’re friendly, but keeping track of all your pals and contacts can get overwhelming. Get to know your audience better with the new Friends and Followers chart. Besides the usual profile info, you’ll see their activity level and “Klout” score, and you can quickly reciprocate the friendliness across networks.

Track what’s Working

barn-print-csvMarketing pros take note: HootSuite helps you gather intelligence by tracking which messages generate clicks – including breakdowns by time and by region. Easily share your success with chart printing plus CSV exports for custom reports and PDF printing. Oh did we mention custom URL parameters? If you know what they are, you’re definitely excited.

Embrace Procrastination

barn-draftsEver have an update in mind but missing one critical part? Perhaps a link or an image? Just “Save as a Draft” on any of your accounts and finish and publish to your networks at your leisure (or whenever you get around to it).

Get Tw’Listed

barn-heartTwitter Lists are the new Groups – Play friendly with the Twitter-verse by converting your existing groups and lists and the accompanying glory. We’ve made the transition easy – just click the boxes to migrate to public or private lists – it’ll be worth it.

And that ain’t all

barn-toolsMore tweaks and tune-ups include: improved Linkedin commenting, custom URL variables for campaign tracking and more tweaks under the hood.

Ready Already

The best part is: To enjoy the new features, you don’t have to do anything ~ just keeping Hooting!

Fresh Help

We’ve also evolved the ways to get help. Choose from the Feedback channel for feature requests, props and thoughts. Or use the Help Desk for FAQs, how-tos and troubleshooting tips (even submit a ticket if you really need to).  Of course, you can always find the Owls on Twitter @hootsuite_help along with Facebook, Flickr, and MySpace.


Curious? Have questions? Want to see a demo? The HootSuite team are inviting media and users to attend a brief Webinar on Tuesday at 11am PST for a tour of the new release. Tune-in for the Webinar.

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Jermyn Shannon-El
Jermyn Shannon-El 5pts

I love hootsuite. I would love to see integration features with to share files and folders with Twitter followers. As well, the ability to save profiles of people who Retweet your post would be inviting. But I can't see where you can create List in Hootsuite???

zuls 5pts

thanks for the addition, I'm loving it! :)

ConsoleGam3r 5pts

Is there any plans to add something like tweetdeck's "Tweet Shrink"?

Jeff Olson
Jeff Olson 5pts

I second the request for Google Buzz support.

Julie Hood
Julie Hood 5pts

Thanks for all the hard work -- I can tell these changes took a lot of effort from your team!

Quick questions -- are the statistics tracking across all my posts (including LinkedIn and Facebook) or just Twitter? I've searched and can't seem to find the answer. Thanks!

Clyde Lerner
Clyde Lerner 5pts

Great new features. I'd say you guys are soooo close to perfect client.

A couple of features on new "people" tab:

1) Under "search" there should be an option to search in the list of followers/following section, so you can see quick bio. You can then click on to see tweets. During this search, I'm focused on "stats" not "tweets."

2) Would be great to click on column headings to sort "name" "following" "followers" or "K". This would be so helpful. What sort are there in?

3) It would be great to see last tweet under each name (maybe an option). If they mention "Trump" or "Teeth Whitening," they get unfollowed by me.

Thanks again for great product!



Saskia 5pts

Sound notification when I get new tweets is not working since you added the new "people" feature. Thanks for checking it.

Nathan 5pts

carrie_at_umass :

GREAT new features. I’ll say ‘hoot!’ instead of ‘woot!’ from now on. HootSuite is the best Twitter client available. Rock on.

h00t!!! I <3 it. :)

CyberPlayGround 5pts

I'd like a droid app too. User Experience needs improvement. New features are not explained clearly. Use Less words, try using 144 characters to get your point across.

Nathan Benefield
Nathan Benefield 5pts

What is the third column in the Hootsuite "people" tab? It has followers, following, and then something that looks like a K.

ACF 5pts

Any chance you'll be providing a Droid app?

anneliesz 5pts

These are some really wonderful ways to stay on top of tweeting. I am particularly interested in the followers with "klout" and drafts additions. Keep up the good work!

the Ramen Noodle
the Ramen Noodle 5pts

Sadly, it looks like you still present as the only integrated URL-shortener, which the core fans have protested. And notifications are still all-or-nothing.

Al Bsharah
Al Bsharah 5pts

Great updates, as usual.

Still waiting for Hootsuite to remember where I last read (Web AND iPhone). Very basic feature that every other app out there employs. I don't use Hootsuite to read, which kills me, because of this one missing feature.

Asking for sync capabilities between Web and iPhone as well...

Thanks again!


Molly 5pts

Nice work! What are the URL parameters??

Mark Frisk
Mark Frisk 5pts

Some of these upgrades sound good, but is it true you're making it mandatory that your users convert their groups to lists?

May I ask why you're doing this?

I like groups, and I like lists. I think they should remain separate. If I added up my groups and my lists (many of which are private), I'd have way more than 20.

Also, in the "Convert Groups to Lists" pop-up that appears on login, you write that Lists can hold up to "200 users." Twitter's limit is 500 users in a list.

Are HootSuite lists limited to 200, or is that just a typo?

Hermas 5pts

Your virtual makeover will make a very handy tool even handier. Looking forward to the Webinar.

Kevin Joyner
Kevin Joyner 5pts

Nice. Now our social media guys won't have an excuse for forgetting to tag their URLs :-)

Pierre Rattini
Pierre Rattini 5pts

I am a big fan and excited about these awesome new additions and improvements. More feedback after I play with them and see how they work.

Paula 5pts

Your new "Barn Owl" sounds great!

Now my question I have Hootsuite account already install...I suppose that will enter as an update to my account or I have to close it and start again from Scratch!?????

I would appreciate a little more of info in that sense... Thanks :-)

Brandon Setter
Brandon Setter 5pts

WOW! SO that's what you guys were working on last night! Nice work! So useful!

Now you need to give some love to your iPhone app... it's missing out on all the fun not having facebook linkedin or wordpress, column sync, push notifications, this new people feature.... please send some love to your iPhone app.. =)

Marc 5pts

Still no support for native retweets?

Lindsey O.
Lindsey O. 5pts


Will there be an update for the iphone app as well? - facebook integration etc?

Looking forward to the updates!

carrie_at_umass 5pts

GREAT new features. I'll say 'hoot!' instead of 'woot!' from now on. HootSuite is the best Twitter client available. Rock on.

Ian Huckabee
Ian Huckabee 5pts

Thanks, HootSuite! You've taken my Twitter management to a new level. I've tried several other top micro-blog management systems but this is by far the best. And now all this! I feel my company mascot should be an owl.

Rodney Warren
Rodney Warren 5pts

Wow Hootsuite has really pulled it together and brought things to a ho' notha level, thanks team. Rodney Warren Elite Force Marketing.

Ernmander 5pts

These look like some awesome updates. A fabulous dashboard.

Larz 5pts

Unless his update fixed it's lack of identifying new tweets, or it still starts at the newest unread instead of oldest unread... I will continue to look at this a half a client with amazing features otherwise.

Oscar 5pts

Awesome, I'm glad you guys keep making improvements. It would be nice if you had included some screenshots or a quick description on how to get to this new stuff. The friends and followers chart wasn't the easiest thing to find. But now that I found it, it looks great.

Terri Brooks
Terri Brooks 5pts

This is awesome! I LOVE HootSuite and recommend it daily to my clients. What a time-saver and now with even more features it is definitely my favorite platform for managing my social media sites and those of my clients.

Thanks for a great program!


PS. Just re-blogged your post at :-)

Gelgen 5pts

Before I gush and suggest more stuff : some images on this page are missing.

As for the upgrade, very interesting. The drafting idea is cool, but I don't get the part "Also handy for customer support desks and storing frequently used messages." Once the draft is published, I can't find a trace of them in HootSuite : is there a repository? Hsould we put these mesasges in our Favorites?

Jason 5pts

Still no way to change color theme?? I would use HootSuite, but on a large high-contrast display it's too much bright white space for me. Surely I'm not the only person bothered by this, and it probably seems like a small thing, but to me it's enough to keep me from using it.

Nathan 5pts

These are some awesome updates! Great job Hootsuite team!!!!

I love the new "people" tab, now I can manage who I am following and who if following me. Looking forward to learning the other new features added.

Michelle T. Heatley
Michelle T. Heatley 5pts

This is a great tool for anyone running a social media campaign. I have a been searching for a twitter relationship management tool. The integration of hootsuite and this feature is fabulous.

janelle 5pts

Thank you thank you thank you! I am loving the intuitive design and navigability. Using hootsuite is almost as relaxing as drinking a glass of vino;).

Sheila Averbuch
Sheila Averbuch 5pts

Brilliant stuff guys. The lack of follower management was a real hindrance to my using this tool -- looking forward to having a good poke around these new features.

Sheila Averbuch -- ENN

Taylor V
Taylor V 5pts

I am so excited about using the improved tracking! Seeing who's clicking when will be such a huge help. I also already use Klout outside of Hootsuite, so I'm excited that it's all being combined into one space! Go Hootsuite Go!

Greg 5pts

Could you explain a little bit or link me a reference about how the custom URL parameters work? I use google analytics for my website and it showed up on the list so I'm curious. I have also noticed a discrepancy between google analytics and tracking so I would definitely be interested in learning more.

Michel 5pts

Congrats with this new big release. Apart from some hic-ups today (which seems to be issues on the Twitter side rather than on the HS side) the features work very well and go beyond expectation. The next big thing is to sync between iphone app and HS social media dash board ;-) And i wonder for how long users can enjoy all these great features in a 'freemium' model ;-)

Richard Hamilton
Richard Hamilton 5pts

I would like to be able to schedule the same tweet to go out on several days and I don't see an option to do that. Is this possible? Is it being considered for future enhancements?

Jacqueline 5pts

happy to see the new features, these are great! can't wait to use them especially the tw'listed. Thanks much.

Tony Stocco
Tony Stocco 5pts

The "Save as Draft" is your best update yet - Awesome!

Stéphan Lam (@slam)
Stéphan Lam (@slam) 5pts

Thanks! Houtsuite is getting better and better. I hardly visit since Hootsuite.

@paul1149 5pts

Thanks for some really nice advances. Is there documentation?

The People page is much-needed. Please consider adding views (eg Following but not followed).

Also, a way to send out an invite to befriend in FB would be a bit of a groundbreaker.

Egbert Oostburg
Egbert Oostburg 5pts

"Impressive, quite impressive!" no truer words were ever spoken about the new upgrade. You guys and gals rock!

Peter Milburn
Peter Milburn 5pts

Is it just me or does the “Barn Owl” link just lead back to the same general "Get Ready, It's Big" announcement with no link or details on how to find Barn Owl?

Zack 5pts

Wow! These are some pretty robust updates. Thanks for providing a great platform to manage Twitter.