Your Advice for Brand Marketing, Question of the Week

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Image courtesy of MKHMarketing
Image courtesy of MKHMarketing

Creating a successful content strategy is a common challenge for most brands on social media — and even harder with so many social networks to choose from.

We went to the source and asked you, our savvy readers, what advice you had for brand marketing on Facebook and Google+, and gained some valuable insight. With access to the smartest community of social media practitioners on the web, we had plenty of responses to choose from. Did yours make the list below?


On Facebook, most of you agreed that you’d like to see a brand express their personality. Whether that be through humour, excitement or simply offering more unbranded content on their social media channels.

Read the original post here.

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Our Google+ communities highlighted the importance of diversifying content. Whether it be original or shared from external sources —  G+ folks want to see more informative and relevant content shared by their favourite brands. Read the original post here.

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Your Turn

What advice do you have for brand marketers about what to share on social media? Let us know if there is anything we missed.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Tune in every week for the HootSuite question for your chance to be featured on the blog!

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MyMarketingTip 5pts

These answers are more social etiquette 101 than Brand Marketing. I would like to have heard more ideas specific to Brand Marketing like building a brand culture, using unique phraseology, behind the curtains info sharing, personalization of key employees... and other branding stuff and such and whatnots.

JesephMeyers 5pts

@MyMarketingTip branding tips are hard to provide on a general scale. While it is very important for brands to build and/or maintain a voice, I wouldn't say there are general guidelines for this. Once brands understand 'etiquette 101' they can then incorporate this into their existing brand identity and voice to really take advantage of all that social has to offer.

MyMarketingTip 5pts

@JesephMeyers @MyMarketingTip Thanks for the input Jeseph. Each response to my reply gets further from my intent. Not sure who was seeking "general guidelines?" The original question asked for Branding Advice. I gave three tips off the top of my head that would apply to just about any company in any industry. @Alyssa Kritsch was nice enough to suggest a future posting to specify the question for marketers.

Alyssa Kritsch
Alyssa Kritsch moderator 5pts

@MyMarketingTip It's interesting to see a glimpse of the consumers point of view, but I think a follow up piece on branding tips and tricks for marketers would be very useful.

Great idea! Thanks so much for your feedback.

MyMarketingTip 5pts

@Alyssa Kritsch @MyMarketingTip Thanks for the response. I figured "HootSuite Savvy Readers" were Brand Marketers. My apologies. Yes, this would be a great question as a follow up. Have a great weekend!