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49 Black Friday Social Media Posts: Ideas & Examples

Use these creative graphics and catchy captions as inspiration to make your Black Friday social media posts stand out.

Hannah Macready October 19, 2023
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Looking for inspiration for your Black Friday social media posts? As one of the biggest shopping days of the year, it’s no surprise brands are pulling out all the stops to capture customer attention.

From creative graphics and catchy captions to engaging videos and influencer collaborations, use these ideas and examples to make your Black Friday social media posts stand out.

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50 Black Friday social media posts

Ready to kick off the holiday shopping season? These Black Friday social media post ideas will help you drive sales and create buzz around your brand.

10 Black Friday Instagram posts

Instagram is the go-to platform for visual content, making it perfect for sharing eye-catching Black Friday promotions. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Nicole Miller’s holiday fashion shoot

Nicole Miller’s Black Friday post showcased their dark and glittery winter offerings with behind-the-scenes footage from their holiday fashion shoot.

2. Swoveralls plays with time

Nothing grabs attention like a mind-bending trick. Swoveralls nailed it in their Black Friday post, using stop-motion to showcase their overalls seamlessly transitioning from couch to work in no time.

3. Larsson & Jennings keep it simple

Black Friday social media ideas don’t have to be complicated. In this Instagram Reel, jewelry brand Larson & Jennings uses a simple text overlay and a quick video of a brand rep rejoicing at the news of the ongoing sale.

4. Walden Watches nails the static post

While video content is all the rage, don’t underestimate the power of a well-designed static post. Walden Watches created a clean and aesthetically pleasing post that showcases their Black Friday watch sale.

5. Kulakinis taps into UGC

No budget for a Black Friday photoshoot? No worries. Your customers are likely already posting about your products on social media. Kulakinis used this user-generated content (UGC) in a carousel post.

6. We Are Knitters leverages shoppable posts

Make it easy for your customers to shop your Black Friday deals with shoppable posts. We Are Knitters includes a “Shop” tag on their Instagram post, allowing users to easily purchase its luxury yarn without leaving the app.

7. Natasha Denona gives an action shot

Makeup brand Natasha Denona shows users how to apply and blend its eyeshadows in this Instagram Reel. By showcasing the product in action, potential customers can see how the makeup looks and performs, making them more likely to make a purchase.

8. B&H Photo keeps us guessing

Use suspense to keep users engaged, like this B&H Photo Reel showing a customer fast-walking to its Black Friday sale.

9. Pro Direct Soccer gets transparent about pricing

Customers want to know they’re getting a good deal on Black Friday. So, put your price front and center like this Pro Direct Soccer Reel.

10. When in doubt, demo it out

Erin Condren Design gives Black Friday shoppers a full walkthrough of the various customizations and designs available in her planners.

10 Black Friday Pinterest posts

Pinterest is a popular platform for shoppers to discover new products and plan their purchases. Use these Black Friday Pinterest post ideas to inspire your next campaign.

1. IKEA taps into brand humor

IKEA has great brand recognition. So, when it says it’s “Lack” Friday, not Black Friday, users will get the joke.

2. Natalya Dudinska goes for graphic

Make your Black Friday social media posts stand out with bold, graphic design like this example from Natalya Dudinska.

3. Apple gives a subtle nudge

The Apple Watch is one of the brand’s hottest products. In this Pinterest post, Apple gives a subtle reminder that its watch makes for the perfect holiday gift.

4. & Other Stories does black & white right

Sometimes simplicity is key, as demonstrated by this elegant black and white Pin from & Other Stories.

5. Frankies Bikinis uses simple animations

Keep it simple this holiday season with animated text overlay atop your best products

6. Google lets the products speak for themselves

When you’re a big brand like Google, sometimes you don’t need to say much. This Pin lets the product images do the talking.

7. Patagonia makes you think

Patagonia leans into shock value in this Black Friday social media post, with a headline that reads, “Don’t Buy This Jacket.”

8. Mason Garments builds hype

Don’t want to show your hand just yet? Keep your Black Friday deals a mystery like Mason Garments did in this Pinterest Pin.

9. Erborian makes video look easy

You don’t need a film crew to make a good short-form video. Erborian’s Black Friday Pinterest post shows that even a quick clip of static images can be eye-catching and effective.

10. Ecolaf makes a statement

Ecolaf break the habit not the planet

Black Friday is known for its negative environmental impact. Ecolaf uses this to its advantage in a bold and attention-grabbing Pinterest post.

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10 Black Friday TikToks

TikTok has taken the social media world by storm, and it’s a great platform for showcasing your Black Friday deals in a fun and creative way. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Best Buy makes the customer the star


Nothing brightens the holidays like finding the perfect gift. Discover the best deals of the year this Black Friday at Best Buy. #blackfriday #latestandgreatesttech #techtok

♬ original sound – Best Buy Canada

Best Buy’s quirky Black Friday TikTok features customer’s faces when they find the perfect item. Can you see yourself in this store?

2. Glossier tells a customer story


Glossier Black Friday sale… IYKYK. Up to 30% off through Monday. Enjoy besties! T&Cs apply. #glossier #glossierbrooklyn #blackfridaydeals

♬ original sound – Glossier

Are you serious enough about your Glossier haul to make an Excel spreadsheet? This customer is.

3. VS Pink takes viewers on a POV shopping spree


♬ –

This POV-style TikTok from Victoria’s Secret Pink takes viewers Black Friday shopping in the store. It’s an immersive experience that makes viewers feel like they’re there in person.

4. Lululemon puts deals in the spotlight


Prepare the cart. Get a move on our best Black Friday scores before they’re gone. #lululemonwhatsnew #blackfriday2022 #lululemonblackfriday #wemadetoomuch#greenscreen

♬ original sound – lululemon

Sometimes you just want to know what and how much. This Lululemon TikTok tells viewers exactly what they can save on.

5. Walmart focuses on deals, deals, deals

@walmart Shop NOW! 🚨 New #BlackFridayDeals are 🔥LIVE.🔥 Don’t miss these SAVINGS! 🤩 Tap the 🔗 in our bio. #DealsForDays ♬ original sound – Walmart

While TikTok is known for its human-led content, this video from Walmart is all about the deals. It’s a quick and easy way to showcase their Black Friday offerings.

6. Amazon gets… weird?


Whether you’re shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, the best deals are at Amazon.

♬ Robocats – Amazon

It’s not totally clear what’s happening in this TikTok from Amazon, but the catchy tune and quirky visuals make it hard to look away.

7. More from Amazon, this time with a touch of influence


grwm featuring my fav products from @Amazon black friday deal page! #founditonamazon #ad

♬ Flight of the Mitoglider – Myriad of Trees

For this ad, Amazon partnered with TikTok sensation Chari D’amellio to showcase their Black Friday deals in a fun and relatable way. It’s a great example of influencer marketing done right.

8. gives an experience


♬ –

Traveling isn’t just about the destination, it’s also about the journey. uses this philosophy in their Black Friday TikTok, featuring a fun and quirky trip through different travel locations.

9. Fenty takes the shopping online


@sarah_novio got y’all GEWD for the 25% off sitewide #CYBERWEEK sale! ❤️‍🔥 What’s on your cop list?! #fentybeauty #blackfriday #tiktokholidays

♬ original sound – Fenty Beauty

These days, sales don’t end on Friday. Keep your e-commerce store going with Cyber Week deals, like Fenty Beauty did in this TikTok.

10. Vessi makes a statement


yepp you heard us right. EVERYTHING is on sale🙌 #vessi #vessiblackfriday #vessisale #waterproofshoes #nomorewetsocks #blackfridaydeals #fyp

♬ Perfect x Style – lifebymichael

Vessi proves the strength of its waterproof shoes by covering them in muck! Proving once and for all that these shoes should be at the top of your Black Friday shopping list.

10 Black Friday Twitter posts (X posts)

Twitter (now known as X) is a great platform for short and snappy Black Friday promotions. Here are some unique ideas to make your tweets stand out above the rest.

1. Amazon runs the media circuit

Amazon teamed up with the New York Post to begin promoting its 2023 Black Friday deals early.

2. Telfar plays it cool

Simple, sleek, and to the point. Telfar doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to advertising its Black Friday deals.

3. Sculpted by Aimee says skin is in

Sculpted by Aimee puts its skin products on display with this Black Friday tweet. The stunning visuals and emphasis on discounts are sure to grab attention.

4. Rococo Chocolates makes us drool

Who can resist a good chocolate deal? Rococo chocolates takes advantage of that weakness with mouth-watering images and limited-time offers.

5. Mented Cosmetics reminds us to holiday gift shop

A lot of people are looking for gifts during Black Friday, not just for themselves. Mented Cosmetics uses this tweet to remind followers that their products make great holiday presents.

6. Hyperice counts us down

Countdowns create a sense of urgency and FOMO (fear of missing out). Hyperice uses this tactic to promote their Black Friday deals, giving followers something to look forward to.

7. MAC hypnotizes with stunning visuals

Who doesn’t love being mesmerized? MAC uses stunning visuals and bold call-to-actions to draw attention to its Black Friday sale.

8. Glossier rarely does a sale

Glossier creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity with this tweet, reminding followers that their Black Friday sale is a rare occasion.

9. Ice Watch uses simple video

Videos work on Twitter, too! Just keep them simple and eye-catching like Ice Watch did in this Black Friday tweet.

10. McDonald’s gets a laugh

Mcdonald’s keeps it light and playful Black Friday tweet, implying their social media manager wasn’t quite up and at ’em this morning.

9 Black Friday Facebook posts

Need more Black Friday social media ideas? Here are a few creative Facebook posts that will excite your audience for the biggest shopping day of the year.

1. Dodge says miss the mall, hit the road

Dodge wants you to skip the crowded malls and instead, hit the road in one of their vehicles this Black Friday.

2. Thirty-One Gifts walks us through its best products

meet your holiday movie marathon essential thirty one gifts

Thirty-One Gifts not only showcases their products in this reel, but also offers a sneak peek of their Black Friday deals.

3. Only Curls’ customers show you how it’s done

only curls wash day routine

Styling curly hair can be a struggle, but Only Curls’ customers show us their before and afters using the brand’s products. Plus, it’s a shameless Black Friday plug.

4. MeUndies six days of savings

MeUndies takes advantage of the week leading up to Black Friday by offering a different deal each day.

5. Dyson follows up

Dyson doesn’t let customers forget about it after Black Friday ends. This post-sale video educates recent buyers on how to use its products the right way.

6. KFC does Black Friday too

Even fast food chains like KFC get in on the Black Friday fun with creative deals and promotions.

7. Paris Jewelers lets it shine

Paris Jewelers knows Black Friday is the perfect time to showcase their sparkling jewelry.

8. Samsung says start early

Samsung reminds customers to start shopping early to take advantage of their Black Friday deals.

9. Skims teases its Black Friday sale

Skims teases their Black Friday sale with a simple, eye-catching ad featuring their signature intimates.

Black Friday social media post FAQ

What should I post on social media on Black Friday?

On Black Friday, you should post about your promotions and deals, as well as create a sense of urgency for customers to take advantage of them. You can also showcase your best products or sneak peeks at upcoming deals.

How do you promote a Black Friday sale on social media?

To promote a Black Friday sale on social media, you can use countdowns, stunning visuals, exclusive deals, simple videos, or humor to draw attention and create excitement. You can also use hashtags and collaborate with influencers to reach a larger audience.

It’s important to regularly post about your sale and remind customers of the limited-time offer. Additionally, offering early access or sneak peeks can generate buzz and anticipation.

What do you say in a Black Friday post?

In a Black Friday post, you should mention your deals and promotions, create a sense of urgency by mentioning limited quantities or time frames, and use eye-catching visuals to draw attention.

You can also showcase your top products or collaborate with influencers for added credibility. It’s important to keep the language concise and clear to avoid confusion about the sale details.

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By Hannah Macready

Hannah Macready is a freelance writer with 12 years of experience in social media and digital marketing. Her work has appeared in publications such as Fast Company and The Globe & Mail, and has been used in global social media campaigns for brands like Grosvenor Americas and Intuit Mailchimp. In her spare time, Hannah likes exploring the outdoors with her two dogs, Soup and Salad.

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