New Facebook Tools – Manage Facebook Fan Pages with Hootsuite

“Integrating Facebook profiles with HootSuite has been amazing,” many of you have said, “But what about Facebook Pages?” Consider it done. Starting this week, you can integrate Facebook Pages with HootSuite.

Tools for Facebook

To add your Pages to HootSuite, go to Settings, select Social Networks, then click Add Social Network. You will notice an option indented underneath Facebook that says Pages. Click on this option, and you’ll go through the same steps you previously used to authenticate private Facebook profiles.

When you’re done, updating your Facebook Pages using HootSuite will be a breeze. Just select the appropriate Page and away you go! Schedule updates in advance, or post simutaneously to the profiles and social networks of your choice —, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Give it a try. We’re sure you’ll love it.

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